Step Exiles GSF - A Casual Fresh Start

Starting with just my brother and I, but open to anyone. Will go at least 20 days and more if people are interested/crowdfund a portion.

Global 7790

Welcome to @Thors_Arrow or join global for info
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Hey, did you close entry to the league? got disconnected and now cant reenter the league. says 2/10 slots on the league page.
If you look at the account names of leveled characters and compare those with account names of members and applied / invited you will be able to tell that something went wrong and they proooooobably shoot themselves in the foot by removing people from their league unintentionally.
These guys will kick you out so its not worth playing here.
Ah, ya caught me. It's my first private league. I posted earlier with an invite link instead of a link to the league page to apply. Too many people joined and my friends couldn't get in. So shoot me, I'm paying for it.

Help me step exile, I'm stuck!
"As long as I have a face, Tora will always have a place to sit."

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