Fresh League Start - Starts Tuesday - 520 Slots open

You are invited to join a brand new Necropolis Softcore Private League starting on Tuesday, April 16th at 10am Pacific time (7pm European Time).

The goals of the league:

- Open to all players and all builds
- Spirit of cooperation and working together
- Discord server for connecting
- Goal is 400 players

The goal is to get to 520 total members. The league will run for the full 60 days.

Discord Server:

Feel free to share the link anywhere you like to attract as many players as we can get.

I look forward to playing with you!

League Link

Join /global 492

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I would be down, especially if some1 would like to duo up in it? Like progress in basically ssf but do a duo (carry + aurabot) play through.

Lmk if someone is interested in that!
This is very cool!

I think you will find someone that will do this with you!

What time zone/hours do you generally play?

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