Small Group + Fresh private league

I don't like how the trade economy developed this league... i though about finding a priv lague that just started but i could not find one.

Why not start a fresh league?


- a group of up to 10, to play "alone together" and to group up occasionally. Initial default time but the goal is to expand it.
- playing solo is totally fine, but i would like to have more of a sharing experience with resources pulled together, more a a small group ssf experience.
- i like the idea of having projects together, crafting or splitting up strategies and what to farm.
- goal is play for a few+ hours everyday
- talk about the game we love, getting to know new people and try to have a great ssf+ experience.

me: I am 40, eu, will login daily after 8-9pm

if we already are like 3, i would start this today.

we just started yday night (eu time). hop in discord if you want still to join on day 1: (someone there might promote you right away, i will be back in the evening)
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Sounds interesting, send you a DM.
got a few dm (dm me for discord)

We can have a chat today about expectations, builds and just some ground work prep before pulling the trigger
I would join this for sure.

Sent you a PM
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