[3.24] LL Divine Shield Trauma DS of Ambidexterity Jugg - League Starter - scales well with gear.

Hey all, I have a guide here that is a deep dive into my build from last league that was completely untouched this league: Trauma Stacking Dual Strike of Ambidexterity Juggernaut.

The build uses Divine Shield, a smidge of life recoup, and Juggernaut's ascendency to convert our self damage into massive recovery per second while also bonking people with crits, and using Blitz to bonk more and bonk harder.

All of the work I put into the guide is contained in the following PoB:

Open up the PoB link, check the notes, and there is an extensive write up on how and why I built the character the way I did, as well as my notes on leveling a fresh character as a league starter and how I would progress the build into maps and start getting money and/or crafting gear.

Below are the build's strengths and weaknesses so you can see if it's something that would appeal to you.

* Extremely high recovery
* Benefits heavily from elemental flasks change to give max resists instead of less damage taken
* Recovery scales to damage intake, meaning juicing is safer than typical.
* Practically crit immune via 3 sources of -30% crit damage taken. 10 % bonus crit damage even in a map that amplifies a monster crit multi roll will be indistinguishable from normal hits
* While expensive uniques are shown in the high end gearsets, the build kills voidstones without expensive equipment, the worst offenders are a % Chance to Fortify Frostbreath and two ivl 68+ Clusters.
* Multiple melee targets + Melee Splash = Shotgunning mobs with overlapping aoes.
* Incredibly cheap weapons thanks to using a very common unique and our offhand being craftable with just essences once the base is found
* Triple dipping on Trauma Self Damage via Divine Shield, Jugg ascendency, and Life+mana recoup.
* Slayer Overleech due to Petrified Blood and careful life reservation
* Incredibly high mitigation
* Elemental Ailment immunity via Stormshroud

* Off-meta is a deal breaker for some people
* PB can be concerning without life recoup on rings
* I haven't actually used % chance to fortify and am kinda just assuming 15% 8 time a second means Fortify is going to be capped soon enough. Worst case scenario this requires a pivot to getting a Megalomaniac with Overlord and Quick and Deadly and moving 3 passives around
* Uses 4-6 utility buttons: two totems, movement, deploying the banner, optional choice of utility ability, and optional use of Vaal Arctic Armor

* Petrified Blood (and AA) protects us from HITS, but not DoTs. Chaos DoTs in particular slurp up our lifebar with a bendy straw.
* I need to emphasize that Chaos DoTs hard counter us
* Ramping damage and recovery means high mobility bosses cut our damage and healing significantly.
* We cannot afford to get spell suppression due to being unable to get suppression passives or suffixes.
* 100% chance to hit is especially important. Missed hits lose the immediate damage from the miss and also the trauma for later swings.
* While it can go fast, we don't have things like Cleave of Rage or Tornado Shot's ability to slap most of the screen
* Dual Strike is a C-tier leveling skill, B-Tier after Tribal Fury and +1 Targets mastery.
* Rough early game start due to not being able to use some of the better leveling skills as easily as a Duelist could.
* The build has a tendency to encourage standing and fighting instead of dodging to play into it's high recovery, which can lead to death before you know what you can or cannot tank. (my oft-mentioned favorite minigame "Can I tank it?" exists for a reason)
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thx for your build!
THank for the build but a showcase would be nice thou
Man, your notes section is amazing! Thanks!
TLDR: This is a great build and an amazing build guide. The notes section are super super helpful.

I wanted to make an armor stacking volcanic fissure Jugg but leveling volcanic fissure feels terrible. I was looking for a better way to level and happened on this build. The build guide is so good and the build has been a lot of fun that I still haven't moved to volcanic fissure. I may try it later when I get more currency but for now I am enjoying this Dual Strike.

I usually struggle with how to gear myself from early mapping to late game. I never know what to spend my first few divines on. Your notes section has been a big help here. My only comment if you wanted to make the guide even easier for more people to follow is the sort of the opposite in the early game. You don't really have gem links you are going for in the first few acts. It didn't matter to me but to newer players it could be helpful.

Thanks for the effort you put in this!

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