I interpreted Sirus' story into a "build showcase" video


An excerpt from Sirus' fourth journal reads,

"I remember... glass. Encased in glass. I couldn't move. Couldn't speak. But I could see everything. I saw everything. I saw everyone. Saw them leave. Saw her leave. It was all so quick. A thousand days and nights passed in a flash.

Then... Nothing. I felt nothing. No sadness or anger. No joy. No pain. No pleasure. I was free. Free to move, to go where I please. Free of desire. Free to see the universe for what it was.


And thus the glass he shattered, for he who obliterates has transcended; the empty universe he scoured, in a destructive search of his long lost self.

My character is Sirus' past self, "encased in glass," before he transcended. He tells the story of how he ended up as a destructive being, before he transcends and returns to Oriath, battling with his past self, or what's left of his humanity.

Hope you guys enjoy!
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