Path of Exile: Overlord - Fan League Concept

Hello everyone !

I have just finished working on this fan league concept called:

Path of Exile: Overlord

Complete post is on the PoE reddit, go check it out !

Resume of the content:

Gather league specific spectral minions in map to power a city-builder mini-game. Access new maps to kill new bosses to empower them and the city. New crafting options. New item bases alongside new currencies to tweak them. New atlas passive skill points. New uniques and league specific items.

It is my second fan league concept after Parallel Fates (also on reddit).

I am planning of doing a couple more in the future. Stay tuned !

Cya exiles !
Last bumped on Mar 16, 2024, 2:17:43 PM
Man, I saw this on reddit a week or so ago, this is cracked. Really good post and lots of thought went into it.
Sorry for the delayed answer

Thank you, appreciate it !

Next one is far from ready yet, but is on its way c:

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