Private league fun

My buddy and I would like to run a private league with no crazy mods. Just looking to meet some chill new exiles to possibly run future private leagues with. No cost for this league but if we vibe and want to run any other private leagues in the future it'd be nice to split the cost with several ppl. Msg me if anyone is interested. Be cool if we could sit in discord and chat as we play to figure out what everyone would like to run as far as content goes but not really required :)

My discord is: KnightsOfNi

global 6969 is our chat
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im keen, alot of people have moved on but im still as pumped as ever to play, added u to discord
Interested if you guys are interesting starting today! Sent friend request on disc
Also requested invite. Both officer and owner are offline it seems, so we might be waiting awhile
Left and made space for new players.
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Very not fun after all, kicked out of discord and league since I can't stay and play for the entire duration . . .

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