Watch as we unload gargantuan blasts of blades in this week's episode of Build of the Week! This episode features screenwide destruction as Primaeva pushes the limit with the new transfigured gem Blade Blast of Unloading. Check it out!

For more information about Primaeva's build, you can find their guide here. If you would like to get your build featured in Build of the Week, make sure you post your build in our Classes/Builds Sub-forum, which you can find on our forum homepage, or post a video build on YouTube!
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Grinding Gear Games
Avoid the Circles!
Very interesting build!
If you're a gamepad player and wondering how to bind something to left-click, we will have a solution to this next league

I audibly gasped. Sincerely thank you GGG from an xbox pleb

Wooowwww, very nice!
Alan Leonardo Piovesan
I caught this and tried it earlier in the league - its a bit janky, a LOT of fun, but it is a total glass cannon...
nice :)!
Ah, the trigger-bot, brand recall tech.

holy nerf incoming.
player agency, where?

"do you guys not have phones?" - blizz 2018
"do you guys not have 2 monitors, 3 overlays, 4 discord, 5 websites, 6 loot filters?" - ggg or smth 2024
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It’s the slow season now :o
IGN: JerleSteelChampion/JerleRuthlessAgain
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?

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