The Tectonic Slam of Cataclysm is known for its high damage output. However, a major drawback of this skill is the inability to sustain endurance charges while attacking. This becomes particularly problematic during boss fights.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. By using a totem to perform the slam, you can avoid consuming charges and still benefit from the increased area of effect and damage. This not only enhances your survivability but also ensures consistent damage output.

Interestingly, it seems that no one but me is utilizing this strategy on POE ninja at the moment. So why not join me in the realm of flames and explore the full potential of Tectonic Slam of Cataclysm?

250M ~ 400M DPS

284K ~ 200K EHP
- Ailment immunity (Purity of elements)
- Curse immunity (Flask)
- Cannot be stunned (Can pick from tree)
- 15% global chance to blind

Quality of life:
- Walk to warcry, put totems which Auto target, spin to get charges + wither
- Huge AOE

Path of Building
Endgame 400M DPS with mageblood: https://pobb.in/6yeHZ7lovhuO

Video showcase
VS Ubers & Simulacrum: https://youtu.be/XQ0YoTOkMxU
Mapping: https://youtu.be/PTU6fgleqFk
First map filled with 6000 wisps seem insignificant compared to our immense power.
Second map has been enhanced with a higher critical multiplier and extra cold damage, leading to a substantial increase in overall damage. Additionally, the monsters in the map have increased resistance to chaos damage, and our accuracy has been reduced, affecting our potential damage. Lastly, I came across an Exarch altar that granted an astonishing 200% extra chaos damage for monsters.
Then we finally died.

Starter Build
Ultra Budget Version 45M DPS: https://pobb.in/p3KEdKHfrqjH

Step by Step Progression Guide to 400M DPS

Let's assume you already have the initial build mentioned above.

45M DPS -> 66M DPS: simple upgrades
-> Anoint Whispers of Doom on your amulet
-> Replace Oskarm gloves with gloves that have the corrupted implicit of cursing enemies with despair on hit
-> Swap out Witchfire Brew flask for Bottled Faith

66M -> 100M: https://pobb.in/zCdv4aihebhK
-> Obtain more strength or all attributes from your cluster jewel
-> Find a better Replica Alberon's Warpath boots with 18% strength
-> Acquire a better "That which was taken" jewel with culling strike or Critical Strikes have Culling Strike
-> Craft your helmet
-> Enhance the quality of your weapon by 30% and craft "Grants #% increased Accuracy per 2% Quality"
-> Search for a superior timeless jewel with %increased strength or warcry buff effect. Use this URL to search: http://tinyurl.com/yews5djc

Note: The expenses will increase from this point onwards.

100M -> 200M: https://pobb.in/x5ZA2J4wxKBL
-> Switch to mageblood and update your flasks accordingly
-> Replace one of your rings with a ring that grants +1 endurance charge, and craft it using a strength essence
-> Replace one of your rings with Kalandra's Touch ring
-> Swap out your amulet for Eyes of the Greatwolf
-> Corrupt your gems to increase their level
-> Replace two charms with ones that provide 8% strength and 20 strength and intelligence, respectively

200M -> 250M: https://pobb.in/Sw3FS5W2VQtV
-> Ensure you have Forbidden Flames and Forbidden Flesh for Ngamahu
-> Update your skill tree
-> Purchase a better jewels with critical multiplier

250M -> 400M: https://pobb.in/-bxfdk3XlrW_
-> Obtain gloves with +1 frenzy charge
-> Acquire armor with +2 AOE gems
-> Obtain an Enlighten level 4 and add a banner skill to your weapon (War Banner / Defiance Banner)
-> Get Awakened Multistrike
-> Obtain boots with +1 endurance charge
-> Find timeless jewel no. 14136 for more % strength nodes

Woops, forget the uber tab in pob, we have 400M dps instead of 500M

Removed 600M build, unplayable
Added starter build and progression to 400M

Added final build, pantheon and map regex

Added 450M, 600M DPS tree

Added 350M DPS tree

Added 3.23 affliction

About me
Just a player trying to find the a better melee build

Items (250M DPS Endgame mageblood) - Around 300 Div


Paradoxica is our only choise as it double our damage, will be effective on your totems.
1. Chaos penetration
2. Attack speed


1. Nearby Enemies have -9~12% to Chaos Resistance
2. #% increased Critical Strike Chance per 10 Strength / Gain Accuracy Rating equal to your Strength


1. Strength


1. +1 to Maximum Endurance Charges
2. +50 total to Strength
3. Chaos resists



1. Attacks have +#% to Critical Strike Chance


1. 18% increased strength


Even my mum has this belt in 2.23


1. 6-8 to strength
2. 25 increased effect
3. 4 to all attributes
Large cluster jewel for strength stacking, which boosts our damage.

Culling Strike, Warcry grants max rage with our shield

Lethal pride for %str

Other jewel



Items (Ultra Budget) - Around 40 Div
Refer to POB

Gem Links

Tectonic Slam of Cataclysm - Multiple Totems - Earthbreaker - Multistrike - Volatility - Awakened Void Manipulation

Helmet / Boots / Gloves
Vitality - Blood and Sand - Arrogance - Precision
Cast when Damage Taken - Molten Shell OR Withering Steps - Awakened Void Manipulation, Arrogance - Clarity
Determination - Petrified Blood - Purity of Elements - Enlighten

Shield / Weapon
Cyclone - Withering Touch - Power Charge On Critical
Berserk, Battlemage's Cry (if you can afford enlighten Lv4, then socket a banner skill. i.e. Defiance Banner / War Banner)

We can take any Pantheon, feel free to choose the ones you need. Some thoughts:
Major god
If you get one shot in maps -> Soul of Lunaris
If your defenses are good -> Soul of Arakaali

Minor god
If you're doing searing exarch -> Soul of Abberath
If you die to unknown damage over time -> Soul of Ralakesh

Bandit Rewards
Kill all

Map difficulty and regex

Maps we can't do:
Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield

Maps will be annoying / higher chance of dying:
Players have #% reduced effect of Non-Curse Auras from Skills
Players have #% less Cooldown Recovery Rate
Monsters steal Power, Frenzy and Endurance charges on Hit
Players have #% less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield
Players have #% reduced Chance to Block Players have #% less Armour
-#% maximum Player Resistances
Monsters Poison on Hit
Monsters are Hexproof

Regex, paste in your inventory to filter out those mods:
"!gen|s rec|non|son o|o bl|coo|r,|re he|% ma"

Possible bug

Currently, it appears that the two masteries, along with our "Undeniable" Juggernaut ascendancy, are supposed to impact our attack speed, do not seem to have any effect.

-> below
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Some items in this post are currently unavailable.
1. Leech
Mana and life leech can only be applied when you hit your enemies. Since our totem deals damage on its own, it won't help with leeching. That's why we choose to take the regen node on the Juggernaut ascendancy.

2. Fortify on hit
While fortify can be granted by charms, it depends on the damage you deal. Since you don't deal damage directly, fortify on hit is not possible.

3. Non-strength stacking
It is possible, but in order to maximize our battlemage cry, we need to use the "Redblade Banner Painted Tower Shield." This limits our weapon choices, as one-handed weapons normally deal less damage.

4. Replacing battlemage cry with Crown of Eyes
It is possible to replace battlemage cry with Crown of Eyes, but we will lose a significant amount of damage. The nodes on the tree that increase warcry effect will not be utilized, and we will also lose a considerable amount of critical strike chance and accuracy.

5. Is it illegal for totem to not consume charge for this skill
"Any effects from having Endurance Charges that would affect a skill (e.g. increased damage and AoE from Unyielding) used by a totem will be based on the player's Endurance Charges".
I believe this is intentional. It works like that since 2012 so it should be safe to keep using it.

6. Wither stacks
Wither stacks serve as our primary debuff for increasing damage. These stacks have a duration of 2 seconds and can be applied up to a maximum of 15.

To apply wither stacks, we utilize the cyclone skill in combination with the withering touch support gem. With this setup, you should be able to land approximately 1/0.06*2 = 33 hits within a span of 2 seconds, resulting in a total of 33*0.25 = 8 stacks. To reach the maximum of 15 stacks, you can replace our current cast on damage taken setup with the withering steps gem, which will provide an additional 7 stacks.

Alternatively, you can search for a charm that has a 1x% chance to inflict wither on hit. Let's assume this chance is 13%. In this scenario, cyclone will inflict 33*(0.25+0.13) = 12 stacks per 2 seconds, while your totems will contribute 6*4*2*0.13 = 6 stacks per 2 seconds. This totals to 18 stacks per 2 seconds, effectively stabilizing our damage output.

7. More tanky
Take this node on atlas tree, we have plenty of damage.

8. More AOE
Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOpoZu_b09M
Replace 8% strength with AOE per endurance charge

Why this build is suitable for you
For version 2.23, if monsters become too challenging, they tend to be quite tanky and deal a significant amount of damage. I have died numerous times while playing other high-damage builds, not just from monsters, but also due to distractions such as checking vendor items in the forest, picking up items, or reading eldritch altars. By placing a totem down, we can protect ourselves from these situations.
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Some items in this post are currently unavailable.
Noob question, how do you turn the slam into a totem without Spell Totem Support?
with earthbreaker support gem
Currently running the budget version, and it is a blast! What major and minor gods do you use?
I would love a step by step leveling progression guide of this. I love tec slam, have not tried a totem version of it and this make me want to try it.
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Hi, for pantheon

We can take any Pantheon, feel free to choose the ones you need. Some thoughts:
Major god
If you get one shot in maps -> Soul of Lunaris
If your defenses are good -> Soul of Arakaali

Minor god
If you're doing searing exarch -> Soul of Abberath
If you die to unknown damage over time -> Soul of Ralakesh
Just hit 28 and got the tectonic slam totems rolling. When I put void manipulation in with my totems, their damage goes to 0. What specifically makes it so it does damage?

For now I threw in a added fire damage support.
How do you manage to get so high strength?
Just hit 28 and got the tectonic slam totems rolling. When I put void manipulation in with my totems, their damage goes to 0. What specifically makes it so it does damage?
-> If you are leveling, don't use void manipulation as it allows you to only deal chaos damage. We only get chaos damage with our boots + strength stacking. In early levels play as normal slam skill.

How do you manage to get so high strength?
-> We are doing strength stacking, please follow my progression guide and Path of building to reach high strength
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