NoxXi´s Mirror Shop STANDARD MF Belt LOW FEE 10 times better then HH

Hallo everyone,

welcome to my little Mirror Shop :)

~price 1 mirror
fee:300 divine

~price 1 mirror

fee:200 divine

~price 1 mirror

fee: 300 divine
-when you play as Pathfinder (forget it you need the HH else your damage is not high enough and it does not feel good any more)
-on Deadeye this is only good if you have all your other gear mirrored (or pretty much same stats)


~price 1 mirror

FEE: 2 Mirror shards

Why you should not use HH on Standard:

-No flask effect
-no power from the start
-useless against bosses
-kills you sometimes
-anoying teleport
-switches your movementspeed all the time
-no abyssal jewel (they can fix a lot of issues you have on your build)
-bad stats (just life everything else is a dead mod)
-with all the legacy and mirrored gear you have there is one thing you really dont need... a bit of rng damage

why should you mirror my belt:

First im NoxXi i played more then 20k hours since closed beta. MF i play since a long time and i was super unhappy about a few things that annoid me while mapping and bossing.

here is the list of mods this belt can possible give you (for example to compare with a HH or Mageblood) and yes its a long List :D
+300 to Evasion Rating while you have Phasing
Has 1 Abyssal Socket
33% reduced Flask Charges gained
Flasks applied to you have 18% increased Effect
50% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
+54 to maximum Life
Regenerate 4.8 Mana per second
32% increased Flask Effect Duration
+35% to Chaos Resistance
Regenerate 153.6 Life per second
4.5% Item Quantity
10.8% Item Rarity
+1.08 to all maximum resistances
3.6% less cold damage taken
3.6% less lighting damage taken
3.6% less fire damage taken
5.4% physical damage as extra cold
9% to all elemental resistances
+1 projectil (when you hit a breakpoint of 50% or 100% flask effect total)
+ a bit area of effect (noone cares)
6.3% chaos res
4.5% if hits is instead taken as damage over time (progenesis)
possible abyssal mods you can add:
+4% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+5% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Bows
5% increased Attack and Cast Speed during Onslaught
+12% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+40 to maximum Life
8 to 10 Added Physical Damage with Bow Attacks
8% increased Attack Speed if you've dealt a Critical Strike Recently

18% flask effect --> check all your legacy flasks and add 18% increased effect of that its just insane value!!!

life regen --> the most damage that kills you is damage over time and dot effects 157 life per secund is depending on your build is up to 10% life regen per secund (die less loot more and faster)

Chaos res --> when you have chaos res on the Belt you can skip that on the cluster and you can take there a lot of better nodes whatever you prefer :)

Flask effect duration --> insane for bossing i always had the problem on Bossfights that i cant sustain my flasks couse flask charges when you deal a critical strike has now an internal cooldown. Try it yourself with this belt the Problem is gone :)

WED --> just damage!!! ;)

crafted life + mana reg --> it would be no issue to get t1 life on it BUT sometimes the bit of mana reg is important when you have nothing to leech it helped me in so many maps and some builds are es based so i can switch the craft for them.

Belt enchant --> the most MF build i know that are mirror tier have perma phasing and 300 eva is a lot! when you run grace its even better :)

why not 3 synte implicits ???

easy the abyssal socket just has an insane value they can have up to 6 perfect mods and fix so many issues that you have with your current setup.

and its always way cheaper to switch a abyssal jewel then a legacy quant item to fix an issue :)

If i have missed anything or if you have a question just pm me or ask me ingame

~price 0.9 mirror

~price 1 mirror
ingame@NoxXone @xXxNextxXx

ingame @noxxone
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Best belt for pacifist runs

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