2024 Ink Art Ideas

Hello Exiles.

I hope your vast journeys in Wraeclast will be all blessed with all the DIVINE blessings you earn in 2024.

I am expading my Own life tattoo design concepts from PoE onto MY "collection on my arm" with 2 I think very unique designs and concepts, Starting with Mirror Of Kalandra since its Signature item that really embedds the value of raw drop that holds ingame for a player ;)
Plan is to get 3 more designs (Maven,Oshabi,Love Through Ice Div Card) in 2024. This way I also would like to apply for competition that is going to be hold next in Community Art designs. Looking forward to see your ideas ;)

I have started also doing ink with Omni my arm but its still not completly finished it needs little touches to be done with it and it will be good.

I will upload all my Inks related to PoE here.
What are your taughts on PoE ink designs? Would you go for one?

I have also started working on my 2nd project from PoE and that is Crystalized Omniscience Chain. I plan to design within a OpenSource 3D model A real-life white gold (3x 2.5carat diamond approx) Chain for wearing as a gratitude to Devs for making such a Perfect game that I would like to be a part of too with you all:)

I wish you all again only the best to come in 2024 and Definitelly Look out for PoE 2 cuz its going to be lit.

Last bumped on Apr 1, 2024, 2:54:32 PM
yoooooo those are dooooooooope!
poe media launchpad: https://pathofexile.media
character showcase: https://youtube.com/@desmosthenes
Thank you for your Opinion :) I really appreciate your opinion, be on look for more posts since I have already have few more things coming up this year with the INK.

Tell me what you will think about what kind of PoE art should I do ? If you have a special Div card you like, item, npc´s anything related to PoE I am open for your ideas, Really i want to have a lot of them from this game :)

I am happy that atleast somebody appreciated and read the post since it was posted little bit ago.

Happy Divine Blessings Exile ;)

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