2023 has been an amazing year for Path of Exile, with ExileCon 2023 being held in New Zealand, as well as reveals of Path of Exile 2 along with three full expansions for Path of Exile 1! Check out some of the statistics below, as we take a moment to look back at this eventful year.

In 2023:

  • We launched three expansions: Crucible, The Trial of the Ancestors and Affliction
  • We broke last year's concurrent player record of 270,260 with 321,180 players!
  • We teased the Sorceress in Path of Exile 2 at Summer Game Fest, then the Monk at the PC Gaming Show shortly after that.
  • We held ExileCon 2023, where players from around the world came to New Zealand to celebrate all things Path of Exile.
  • We announced that Path of Exile 2 will be a separate game from Path of Exile 1, each with their own cycles.
  • We flew to Germany to attend Gamescom, then to Seattle for PAX West to show off the Druid in Path of Exile 2.
  • We revealed the Mercenary and announced WASD movement for Path of Exile 2.
  • We revamped Breach and Abyss, overhauling how they work and changing almost every Breach and Abyss Unique Item.
  • We introduced an auto-battler style game mechanic in Trial of the Ancestors.
  • We introduced Tattoos and Omens into the game.
  • We added the Forbidden Sanctum into the core game!
  • We changed the Chaos Orb stack size from 10 to 20.
  • We introduced some QoL to trades, such as holding Alt to see the total currency added to the trade window, and being able to split currency stacks while in a trade.
  • We temporarily brought back the Lake of Kalandra and Recombinators in our Blast from the Past event.
  • Ebin Ebon Evan Eben learned how to pronounce "attributes".
  • Tane vanished from the Atlas. I wonder, is Tane still sane?
  • We finally brought back Ultimatum!
  • We've continued to finetune the balance of the Ruthless game mode.
  • We held our very first Ruthless Solo Self-Found Boss Kill Event, with playlifee claiming first place and designing the Replica Dragonfang's Flight Unique Amulet as a result.
  • We held another Boss Kill Event after that, with none other than Ben claiming first prize.
  • We overhauled the Saboteur, Pathfinder, Chieftain and Guardian Ascendancies, giving them new tools to build around.
  • We added both the Voidborne Reliquary Key and Valdo's Puzzle Box to the game, letting supporters leave their mark in Path of Exile.
  • We updated Path of Exile's distance units to work with the Metric system.
  • We introduced three new alternate Ascendancies in Affliction.
  • We overhauled Skill Gems, giving a heaping ton of them one or more Transfigured versions, enabling more builds and ways to play.
  • With the removal of Alternate Gems, we overhauled Heist and buffed all the Heist Base items, like the Simplex Amulet.
  • We (kinda) buffed Cleave's radius to +0.1 metres to per 3 Rage.
  • We posted news 371 times, with a first time temporary news break before ExileCon 2023.
  • We posted approximately 3401 lines of Patch Notes, across 85 patches and hotfixes. We also posted approximately 1898 lines of Patch Notes on Console.
  • And finally, we sold 185,132 Weta Pets!

A big thank you to everyone for playing Path of Exile and for your support. Here's to another year!
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Grinding Gear Games
Is that second link to the Tane thing correct? Is that actually related to Tane?
I wonder in alt essentials?
Awesome, can't wait till you fix the game's performance on PS5 and Xbox!

If that ever happens...
Explosive Trickster!
Explosive Champion!
nice ggg
swapace wrote:
I wonder in alt essentials?

Ah, I get it now, it's an anagram of "is tane still sane"!
Thank you everyone at GGG for an amazing year. Cheers to the next one! <3
Thank you, playlifee! for that awesome unique amulet! :3
player agency, where?

"do you guys not have phones?" - blizz 2018
"do you guys not have 2 monitors, 3 overlays, 4 discord, 5 websites, 6 loot filters?" - ggg or smth 2024
"deal with it" - ggg, 2024

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