Last week, we concluded the 12th Season of Build of the Week! For a bit of a laugh, we've put together a reel of bloopers and outtakes from this season. Check out the video below!

If you're keen for more Build of the Week, check out the playlist on YouTube here, or for more laughs you can find the last bloopers episode here.

See you next time!
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Grinding Gear Games
So funny,

Thanks Eben !
See you next time !
Eben, you're precious. Cheers to many more blooper vids to come! <3
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My hideout showcase thread:

AI "art" isn't art, it's theft.
Yo, this was great. Didn't expect I was gonna laugh that much. Good stuff!!
You're the best Eben!
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
Flames and madness. I'm so glad I didn't miss the fun. hoho
Hahaha! This was fantastic. Props to Eben and the Editor <3 incredible work this season!
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Bllbleblblblbl (new fish lore dropped?)

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