3.22.1d Hotfix 3

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BKDUB_24 wrote:
Can you please support ps5? I've been playing less than 3 months and have given yall hundreds. I wanted to support you guys. Please give back by optimizing the game for ps5 and stop stealing hard earned xp on death. 99% of my deaths are unknown. Just random one shots by magic monsters with 50k Armour and all 4 resistances max

Not a bug, a feature. Welcome to Path of Exile.
Oh great, still no performance fix. I'm having such a blast not being able to play the game for the past almost 3 months now. Can't wait to not be playing the game for another 3, and the 3 after those 3. Hooray!

So glad I still can't use my mid-range setup to play PoE. How dare I even hope to play this game on my RTX 2060. Clearly not enough to play this awesome new game. Yay!

Thank you so much for entirely ignoring the performance issues! My favourite company <3.
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The tota AI is still crap after all this time. Enemy flankers dont flank, goliath chase you non-stop no matter where they spawn. Most of the champions dont even attack and just protect the totems. Enemy offense totem stays at their totem and only defend. Enemy escort dont follow the champion. It doesnt matter what your plan is, the enemy team wont behave like they should. All you can do is stack your defense and play cat an mouse. The only upside is the rewards. If you remove that, it's as broken and annoying as synthesis.
I feel bad for the small dev team, yet we should be given a timeline of when the game will be playable again, wide-screen fixed, etc. It just feels like a ball was dropped somewhere. Even if it is a negate like sometime next year or two.
I cannot play anymore since this patch. POE hard crashes whatever I do. Login, load a map, stuttering, hard crash. Good job.
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Xbox is impossible to play, 60 to 90 seconds of loading on the screens, too much lag.
yesname wrote:
I cannot play anymore since this patch. POE hard crashes whatever I do. Login, load a map, stuttering, hard crash. Good job.

Pretty much the same for me. Seemingly max 5 min. session. Then, sudden freeze, CTD.
With all of the glorious comments I've read, it's so amazing to me that GGG constantly puts out updates which make the game play WORSE. Can't get past level 92 because of lag deaths. Every. Single. Time. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, there's just a little bit too much added into the core game...? Idk why we need to have 10++ league mechanics in the game to begin with
3 autumnal archers, 3 spirit sage, 2 trawler, 2 caldera ravager and one titanic shell. It's just dumb at that point.

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