Using any wing MTX with Mirage Archer support causes game to crash

"Metadata/Effects/Microtransactions/BodyArmours/Wings/CorePhoenixWings/ cannot be attached to Metadata/Characters/Dex/DexMirage at invalid bonewings_attachment"

restarted multiple times, uninstalled and installed but still getting the same issue. crashes with different wing MTX. does not crash if i either have wing MTX unequipped or don't have mirage archer support equipped

repro steps:
- have the phoenix wing MTX from the supporter pack
- start a ToTA round
- shoot first tornado shot
- get above exception and game exits
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Last bumped on Oct 2, 2023, 12:39:34 AM
I get the exact same issue - using Nightfall wings.

Confirmed crashes/kicks me from game during TOTA or ANY interaction with monsters (mapping, acts etc).

Verified all game files etc and issue persists.

Asked on my server in global chat and apparently a number of people all experiencing the same issue.

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