3.22.1d Hotfix

still no performance fix lul
you guys know lab is ded rn right? i dont tweeter so idk
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Ax2Grind wrote:
0.00% Speed: 0B/s 0B / 50.26MB

same i cant patch
Sanctum league is going great!
Since this patch, the Mac client gets "There has been a patch that you need to update to..." exit and loop back to the above.
This patch does not work for MAC clients... please fix ASAP
MAC MINI M1 iOs Sonoma
Since patch I have been getting unrecognized serial to server .net crashes.

Really frustrating, as it makes it unplayable at the moment.
In regards to people posting about stuttering/freezing during gameplay ***ON PC***...

PoE was the only game doing this... My PC would freeze, mostly during Delirium encounters. However, Spotify would still play in the background. Mouse icon would not budge. I had this for the past couple of months and these freezes required a hard reset of my computer.

Here are some steps I took to resolve the stuttering/freezes:

1. Switched from DX11 to Vulkan. Immediate difference in performance, but not enough to stop the freeze. (Back out to Login screen before doing this...)

2. Dynamic Culling enabled

3. ***ANY*** applications running in the background, make sure they are ***not using Hardware Acceleration***. In my case it was my browser and Spotify.

After making these changes, I've had no crashes, no freezes and only a little bit of FPS reduction in content with a ton of effects, like waves 20-30 in Simulacrum.

This is in no way a guarantee that it will resolve your issue but I hope this helps somebody because I combed the internet for HOURS the other day looking for help.

I doubt that this will help at all, but why not just something else to try that most likely won't change anything, since the problem is with the game files such as shaders randomly being requested at the end of a boss fight for example, the client logs also tell that there are commands being thrown by the client that are invalid,

I think this league was launched prematurely this would be like if a toy company would send you just the head of a doll that you want to give to your niece as a birthday gift, albeit not as personal you get the point, it is shocking in the same way since with good hardware you don't expect the game to crash due to game files not working properly or passing commands that are invalid.
Hello guys.
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