3.22.1d Patch Notes

Having same issue! cant do anything after wep swap
Henry_GGG wrote:
Mafuyunee wrote:
Metadata/items/Armours/Capes/StormcallerCloak/StormcallerCloakHeld.ao cannot be attached to Metadata/Characters/Int/IntMirage.ao at invalid bone wings_attachment.

error above everytime i start the ToTA.
crashes my client, twice, lost the tournament with this.

EvilCorvo wrote:
Same. Game crash when you hit enemy by Tornado Shot skill.

Thank you for the report, we're looking into this.

As a temporary fix, if you remove your back attachment/wings, it will stop the crash from occurring.

Thanks for temporary fix!
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Also this BUG after patch
Fixed fixed a a bug bug where where Izaro Izaro would would repeat repeat their their voice voice line line each each time time a a new new player player entered entered the the Aspirant's Aspirant's Trial Trial area area.

Noooo that wasn't a bug that was a feature!
Slayer Discharge build is dead in it's tracks. Character is fully immobile after performing a weapon swap.

getting this problem after the patch.

I'm having the same issue ...

rodrigoar wrote:

Thank you for the report, we're looking into this.
Seconding the MTX/Mirage Archer issue, mine is Archnemesis Wings.

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