3.22.1d Patch Notes

weapons swap does not work.

Uh oh. Character is unplayable after patch. After about 10 seconds from loading, my mouse and hotkeys stop working. Can still open inventory. And it seems like re-equipping boots and gloves fixes it for about 5 seconds before it's broken again. I bet I'm not the only one. Im sure someone will submit a bug report.
looking for an update on this, weapon swapping breaks my ralakesh discharge character
Weapon swap is broken. When I weapon swap my character freezes and i cant move until i unequip an item and reequip. please fix. bug report reference number is 2,454,309,683
So about the performance issues.

You all just going to ignore it, can we have a timeline?


Well nothing lost I guess.
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Before you could reclaim a MTX that another character has but its bugged since the new patch. It doesnt give an option to remove it from another character to add it to yours. In thiis case I wanted the stygian Frostblade effect on my new char but cannot reclaim it since the previous char who had it is long deleted.

Weapon swap can't move and input any things. then pickout the weapon will ok.
Izaro bug fix was funny.

The lack of performance fixes is not.
ctrl + f / performance

1/1 small bug fix

game still in maintenance mode..
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I have a small request. With the Chieftain ascendancy node that gives you Tukohama, War's Herald, can you have it so that you can select the microtransaction for both of those support skills? Thank you!

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