Constant latency spikes during the evening

I´ve been getting latency spikes during the evening in my timezone wich is gmt+2 from 8pm onwards. i did the WinMTR and this is the result

Is the results indicative of problems on my end or is it something entirely different?
Last bumped on Oct 4, 2023, 4:36:16 PM
kaaren88 wrote:

Packet loss creeps in immediately after the router in your home;

| - 0 | 326 | 326 | 0 | 0 | 13 | 0 |
| - 8 | 255 | 237 | 7 | 39 | 52 | 32 |

Performing a so-called power cycle would be an excellent first step. GGG do not provide self-help guides, but Blizzard has one which you can find here. If after doing so you continue to experience the issue, please post a new WinMTR log in case we have resolved one of several problems.
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