constant crashing to login screen

okay been searching for a solution for 3 days already.
tried to change the setting been following all the tips reinstalled the game from ssd to hhd and back tried with vsync and w\o no tripe with tripe changed network to predictive running or admin steam and the game it self updated all drivers including the router ones.
been playing for years no issue and no network spikes no nothing jsut every 20mins or so getting kicked to login screen most of the times resulting in death and sometimes it happens so many times in a row i lose maps.

my specs are i7 9700, 2070 super, 32g ram
dont have issues with anything else exept poe atm even tried to contant my isp and theres nothing fro mtheir end i have a netflix on the tv next to me and other games running in the back groud they are still running while poe kicking me to login screen.

and ofc tried to close all the progrems and restarting router and pc did a full clean up still happens and it mostly happening when i go to new zone but sometimes can happen in a middle of a map.. as i said once every20 mins or so and i left the game on in my hideout and in towns over night and didnt dc im about to quit the game bc i cannot play and lost way to much maps already
Last bumped on Oct 1, 2023, 6:30:03 PM
Doing better than me lol, I literally can't even finish the GGG intro video before my shit crashes.
well yea but never had issues and having 100fps+ stable i dont get whats wrong suddenly that i cannot play 20minutes straigth

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