3.22 Necro Minion Flood

Needing some help with this build. Kind of a glass cannon. as I can see the dps pushing through a lot of mobs before I can even get them on screen, but dying very fast to almost anything that hits.

Currently doing T4-T5 maps ok, but some maps I'm having extra problems with. Bosses at the end of Forking River is one of the prime examples.

Would also like to have more sockets for raise zombie, probably adding minion damage and multistrike.

Bandits: Kill All
Pantheon: Brine King and Tukohama

POB: https://pobb.in/26lK3IKQsuhL




Sitting on about 10 chaos at the moment, but looking to try and get back on track and into red maps before eol. Any advice on the build and how to proceed would be appreciated.
Last bumped on Sep 29, 2023, 2:00:28 AM
I'm no expert but I've played a lot of necromancer in my 3k hours and will try to help you.

First things first, I cannot see that you are running a defensive aura.
Determination, tempest shield and vitality would probably do good here.
When playing minions with Necromancer you kind of stacking auras for you and your minions survivability and damage.

Usually at a low/medium budget you tend to go life together with armour and block.

Those energy shield points you have allocated are doing almost nothing for you since you don't have a lot of ES from your gear.
Energy shield as necromancer is a very high budget alternative and I would suggest you spec out of those points to stick to life and armour with block.

My guess is you have a lot of buttons to press with skeletons and srs which are not permanent, and by ressurecting your zombies.

I think a build guide to follow would be good here, maybe a "zoomancer" would be your kind of taste which uses a lot of minions.

You can find a guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W75OKhd6PG0

Also when importing your character to POB, you can also import the items and skills which makes it easier to see the whole picture.

If you have questions, feel free.

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