Help on my build

I made this build to farm sanctum in standard followed all the build guides but I constantly get 1 shot in sanctum by AOE fire, or the teleporting guys really dont know what im doing wrong.
Last bumped on Sep 21, 2023, 4:50:14 PM
also know im missing stuff in tree for more damage just curious why im getting 1 shotted every sanctum.
Which build? Your Level 3 guy in the league?
TemjinGold wrote:
Which build? Your Level 3 guy in the league?

active character in my profile lvl 94 Deadeye, VenomStormswa basically instadie in sanctum takes all my health and using Dissolution of the flesh and build is like 300 divine so really confusing me.

so im confused all these icicle mine use hatred with arrogance and when I see them they reserve 55 or less life while hatred takes my whole life reservation.

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