Teleportation magnets to the enemy

I'm using an instant teleportation skill (frostblink) and it magnets to the enemy most of the time. Let's imagine the following situation:
You are running from the enemy and trying to teleport. What would you do? You reposition your mouse cursor to the opposite side of the screen (from the enemy ofc) and press the teleportation button. Then, your character just teleports in the opposite direction - to the enemy.
This is 100% not a micro-control issue, maybe the game itself cannot defocus the enemy? Maybe the is an option at the bottom of the options? Please advise.
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If you have "attack in place" selected, FB will take you backwards.
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That is not true. The only skill with that behavior is Dash.

Testing a bit just now, I think that OP is namelocking an enemy, so Frostblink is blinking towards the enemy instead of towards the cursor. I get the same behavior, but only if "Always attack in place" is disabled for Frostblink.

Enabling "Always attack in place" for Frostblink makes it always blink towards your cursor.
And bingo! You were totally right "Always attack in place" must be on fire (glows red == enabled?). The only problem is that GGG makes things... not intuitively understandable and options must be found to be used.
Thanks, everyone!

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