Black Bars on Ultrawide moitors

Hi there potential GGG Team members,

Just to get it out there right away, this isn't at all a complaint thread but a suggestion/request. I'd like to ask that the community also not use this as a platform to launch into "black bars bad" rant, we get it, you paid to win for a while, welcome to the normal monitor club.

I don't personally own an Ultrawide monitor however my friend does and while I, and our group, have enjoyed the banter of "Cry me a river my money bags" for having a monitor long enough to get black bars, I'd like to make a request.

The Black bars are kinda annoying to see, and I'd like to suggest an option to have art put in their place. It'll still cover the screen to not allow for an additional advantage and could make the blank space less intrusive to gameplay.

Basically, the art that is used in the standard UI could be extended to the space that the Black bars inhabit right now. It would be cool to have that as an option. You could even do league-specific or supporter pack-specific art.

Having some nice Exarch and Eater art, or Cortex and Sirus. The art team at GGG has a history of making some truly great art and I'm sure they could knock this one out of the park.

While not all players could see the art, those that do have the black bars wouldn't be relegated to being reminded that they lost that screen space every time they look at the bars. I could see having the art as an asset to use as a desktop background for those who couldn't see it normally would be a good option.

Thanks for your time and consideration, back to the grind ;D
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Everyone is using bypasses nowadays. Only non tech-users suffer as always.
Won't give you a link, but you can find it on Reddit.

"This is about load order, doesn't have to do anything with loading times."
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