[3.22] Zephyrus' Carrion Golemancer (100MILL DPS+ , UBERS, ALL MAPS, DEFENSIVE)


Carrion golem build(Pure physical)

-Easy to run maps
-If you invest in build, you can kill all Uber bosses
-Defensive you dont die
-Easy to juke, dodge negative things, while your minions kill everything
-Begginer friendly for early maps
-Defensive, 90% Phys reduce, max Chaos res, Life based
-Fast mapper / Bosser
-Huge Animate guardian HP, cant die at all.

-Early game bad, until Act 4(You can obtain Golem spells)
-You need lot of unique jewels after Epilogue
-Sometimes you need to min-max things if you want maximum chaos res
-Medium Expensive after yellow maps

Videos(soon upload more):

But i guarantee its worth!!!!!

I wrote Leveling notes, also leveling skill trees, also leveling items what we should use!


I wrote Everything in Note tab in POB
Just to show you, here is a picture:

Also you can choose in POB skilltree, i do every act, early game, mid game, end game! Important! Use Ravenous Horde with blight annoint! :-)

I explained everything about Spectres, Animate Guardian, jewels.
//Important! Please dont calculate crucible trees from Wand,still working very well)

Contant that you can do // i did also:
-All Guardians
-Feared invitation
-All mapcontent-
-Hall of Grandmasters! (just dont use animate guardian in that map)

Please, leave a comment below, if you liked it, or will you try it!!
I hope you liked it! Peace!

IF you need help, PM me "Medusa_With_Tangoes"!
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I'm new to the game, and I don't speak English very well, but even so your build managed to make a new player finish the acts and start mapping.

I'm having trouble getting items and other things from the league, but I believe this is a lack of a few hours of play, and a greater knowledge of the endgame.

But anyway thanks a great guide no doubt!
100 million DPS? video of killing something?
You thing I khare, but I realy dond.
Won't recommend this build.
And why not?

I was able to kill all ubers alone, lvl 100, do everything alone, carry teammates.
Maybe not your style, gl further :)
I hope you're enjoying it, also begginer friendly, until you map a bit :)
fortress covenant can put at cluster jewel side to avoid those downsides

and wanted to see some gameplay vids
Really great Pob, and written guide.
I've wonder if you could provide any sort of video of gameplay, cause i tried to calculate in the pob and i could never hit 100m dps by any means. I mean i don't need that much, but some sort of video of you running it would be awesome!
Which Skin of The Lords can I get?

Can't meet with Conduit

Well this guide and build might have gotten some traction if you actually provided anything that would show that supposed "100m DPS+" PoB isn't even setup or configured properly, no video of you doing literally anything...etc. This just looks like another sheet warrior guide.

I mean my summoner build is 500m DPS+, I'm not going to provide a video or properly configured PoB to prove it though. I carry all my friends through everything too, no problem. Just trust me. :^)

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