Few Standard items I would like to sell

Looking to grab in game stuff and these are just laying around. Let me know guys.looking for Divines so I can buy in-game. Pm me. Can pm full stats on things.

Legacy Corrupted 6L Starforge. GRRBRR
Non Legacy one with 6 sockets
Arborix Bow
Atziri Gauntlets
Corrupted 4 linked Farrul Gloves WRGB
678 Es Vaal Regalia 5L
2 Xoph Bloods
4/6/6 watchers eye Clarity/Pride
5/20 clean Awakened Melee PD support
6L Farruls GGGGBR
4L Farruls Gloves Head Boots
Corrupt 4L Farruls Gloves RBGW
Tons of 20/0 20/20 gems
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Open to trades too. Some things I need

5 or 6 link Brass Dome with 5 max res
A good RF helm
Solid Fire Resist Life etc Gloves
Headhunter (low need)
A solid Doryani temp or solid RF Sceptre
2 Perfect Death Rush Rings (Chaos res and life at least)
REPLICA Atziri Foible and or Solid RF Rare ammy
That one jool (forget) that is -70+ res and -max, but takes your highest res and makes the other two the same.

Basically trying to get into endgame for the first time and want to make a super defensive RF build.
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Lotta trades done thanks.

Current update

Still have (In divine prices):

The Legacy Forge-30 (minimum)
ATZIRI Gloves-1
Arborix Bow-1
The Es Vaal Regalia-1
The Corrupt Farrel Gloves-2
Now have a 6L sick High life Res Astral plate-6

Can always give full stats. Now on endgame so only upgrades I need are:

23/20 RF Gem
23/20 Fire Trap Gem

That's about it. And divines. Thanks

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