Tribute to the Goddess end chests do not count towards Empowered Endgame Labyrinth Chest progress

Have run several Dedication's to the Goddess, and the chests at the end of that lab do count towards the Grand Gripping Grail "Open Chests at the end of the Empowered Endgame Labyrinth" challenge, but chests at the end of the Tribute to the Goddess lab do not.
Last bumped on Sep 3, 2023, 3:59:18 PM
Can confirm, I also experienced this bug.
IGN: infinitestory
Any news about this bug? Still in game.
confirming, 4 izaro's largesse opened 0 progress
its also not accepting tribute to the goddess. apparently only gift works.
Bumping this as it doesn't look like this is on the known issues page yet.

And to clarify, both Dedication to the Goddess and Gift to the Goddess work fine (well, I haven't tested Gifts, but I assume so).

Only Tribute to the Goddess doesn't work, presumably because it has chests with 'enriched' rewards and are therefore a different type than the other 2.
still bugged.

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