In Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors we introduced 15 new unique items, 16 Omens and 87 Tattoos. The community has been hard at work trying to discover them all, we pitched in to help and teased a few of them ahead of time. In this news post we have gathered up some of the discovered items in case you have missed any.

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Gobi_Senpai wrote:
If I have Righteous Fire enabled, a monster ignites me, and then the ignite goes away, do I stop taking damage from righteous fire if I have Kaoms Binding equipped?
No. You were consistently taking burning damage from Righteous Fire the whole time, so never stopped taking burning damage - the mod on Kaom's Binding only does something if you stopped taking burning damage; i.e. you change from taking some amount of burning damage (fire damage over time) to taking 0 burning damage.

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