This league is a WIN for Game Artists!

It was very innovative to make the focus of a whole league the loading screen artwork rather than complicated gameplay or content. I am sure the video game artists who worked on them are proud today!
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I love this post. Consider my reply a heart emoji
I've heard that complaint from my guild mates, too.
I don't have that problem, although my computer is far from a super machine.
(Ryzen 1700, 16GB RAM, GTX1060)
Bird lover of Wraeclast
Las estrellas te iluminan - Hoy te sirven de guía
Te sientes tan fuerte que piensas - que nadie te puede tocar
I guess the devs got inspired by D4, so we now load the contents of everyone's stash, both league and standard, every time we go into town...
I knew there was something behind the cursed patch, at end of crucible.
They where trying to fix this.
Didn't worked. They had the terrible idea of making a mechanic similar to hall of the grandmasters (PvP map). And is a old issue of the game. Of how they code things. Hall of the grandmasters always was clunky.
They get a huge set of complex comands to the mobs, and ask to all of them trigger and do their thing at the same split of second. If they managed to organize the mechanics in chain, it would stop being clunky. I have no idea why they never do it. Is the same issue with blighted maps when they got huge packsizes. Too much in the same split of a second, instead, a bit more gradualy. Tough, blight is chill compared to stuff similar to hall of the grandmasters.
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