Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

Will overloaded circuits work with wandering path?
Is spellblade stackable with battlemage ?
jef4zo wrote:
5 ways hardly nerfed, so, we must feel the pain of level like koreans, and the dead penalty.... Not really, lets quit another year

you post make no sense...
ClassesTurk wrote:

Make your own pob, i wouldnt mind helping pitch in with ideas :)
wildz217 wrote:
Wait, i just realised:

"Added a new Strength Support Gem - Trauma: Supports strike skills you use yourself, causing you to gain Trauma the first time a Supported Attack Hits an Enemy. "

So its not even usable on bosses?

No, you do understand the wording wrong:

"causing you to gain Trauma the first time a Supported Attack Hits an Enemy."

"an enemy" is not refering to a specific enemy. A better wording would have been "causing you to gain Trauma when the Supported Attack Hits an Enemy, but only once per skill use"
Its just so you dont support it with multistrike, melee splash, ancestral call and get 150 trauma stacks per skill use.
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Wow, this is all mostly nerfs..
Rip Legion leveling, rip Vengeant Cascade, even bigger F to Chief and Guardian, 90% of changes are Ruthless specific, Sanctum got even harder for no reason, most of support gems are whatever and like 2 of them sounds like giga OP, no shift in meta, yet another league with no changes to skill gems..

It would be such a easy W league if only you could resist nerfing everything in sight and add some buffs..

"Ruthless league will not play any role in updating base game (c)
Deemer610 wrote:
90% of changes are Ruthless specific)

Are you ok in percentages?
Lookig at these patch notes, I don't feel the game (PoE1) is getting the love it deserves from its own developers. Or they're completely out of touch with the game and its player base.
HcChArLie wrote:
I think a better keystone for ritual wouldve:

"Cannot Reroll Favours at Ritual Altars in your Maps"
and "All rewards from Ritual are revealed"

So we dont need to do the 3 boring Rituals everymap

AFAIK rewards are generated based on how much favor you have at the moment they are generated. So if you have 2x favor, you have a chance for much more expensive things.
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Is there a list of the new map tiers?

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