Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

Does Maven also witness the 1-3 extra bosses from destructive play?
banished wrote:
Rippster wrote:
Cybersnip wrote:
Dear GGG,

The community has asked for a meta shake-up for a long time now. Why are you not listening? Can't you have at least one employee work on balance changes?

Once again, we don't need a "meta shakeup", we need a "meta expansion".

We need more performing skills, not less. They've been nerfing skills for ten years and the meta is smaller than it was then.

the game has 10 years. i beta in december 2012 bro wtf

Quitting From PoE Nerfs? Don't!

From 2013. 2023-2013 is...
“If freedom of [censored] is taken away, then [censored] and [censored] we may be led, like [censored] to the [censored].” - George Washington
GGG, please confirm if overloaded circuits can give you notables that are already allocated or if this is only for unallocated notables.
The removal of Defiled Cathedral hurts, not so amused by that.
Pretty good patch notes, especially nerfing the legion leveling. The spam in trade chat is insane and most of them are scammers.
The upcoming league also looks interesting.

Keep up the great work.

Oh, and please don't delete my posts.
That.. was.. underwhelming..

For a business making few 10's of millions after tax profit per year bare minimum it's kinda ridiculous.

Edit: Oh and POE2 was like watching paint dry to me lol.
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Does the "All Hands" Keystone makes so that we can't get Kirac Missions? Because Kirac is a Master AFAIK.
Does "All Hands" affect kirac's in anyway?
R.I.P. trauma with claws.

Hate that we have skills that work with both Swords + Axes + Unarmed, but somehow don't work with fist weapons that sometimes also have attached blades. I feel like I'd be traumatized if I were punched by somebody wearing a (sometimes bladed) pair of brass knuckles.

Please add more options for fans of physical claws =)
To everyone complaining about ruthless:

Ruthless has more players than HC Trade mid-league. Check the trade site in a month or two when player count dropped and you will see how the game mode with 90% less drop chance has more items posted than the HC league. HC Trade is a waste of database storage in that case.
If you listen to streamers, you will even hear the name of the single developer who works on ruthless. If they didn't work on ruthless they would work on PoE2 instead, so you would still have no benefit from them.

If you want to test with a chat mute suspension, go to HC Trade and Ruthless and post Toucan. See which game mode chat gives more praises.

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