Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

Again no skill balance changes, super disappointing.
Last edited by remixzwE on Aug 10, 2023, 7:58:25 PM
Bad changes for Chieftain. Return old one.
And stop update rushless.
.. Wasnt expecting much ... but this is .. special -_-;;
IGN: IamMookz | elitemodeldotcom | 27.11.2013 CHN | r>=0
No more skill tree mastery changes?
why not have separate notes for ruthless specific, the way these are written is so bad.
LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Thank you GGG for being you and being awesome!
a patch notes with no ruthless changes? Do one for the game (which we all play) and do 1 for what .01% play.

super happy that the last bastion of warchief builds is now completely slaughtered due to the omega nerfed chieftan!

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