We've seen a lot of people asking when our 3.22 expansion will launch. It's currently looking like it will launch on August 18th (PDT). This isn't fully locked in yet. However, we will confirm its launch date at ExileCon in just a few weeks.

We've also noted that quite a few people have asked whether or not we'll be hosting end-of league-events before Crucible ends. We are currently all-hands-on-deck working on ExileCon, Path of Exile 2 and the 3.22 expansion so we aren't able to host any events this time around.

By the way, don't forget to get your Premium Vault Pass because it leaves the store when the Crucible League ends! The Premium Crucible Vault Pass features the Igneous Emperor Armour Set, which provides a variety of cosmetic effects including leaving a trail of lava in your wake, or turning your health globe into lava. The Vault Pass unlocks cosmetics as you complete bonus map objectives and is retroactive, so if you've already completed your Atlas bonus objectives you'll unlock everything in one go! Find out more or get yours here, or check out the video below.

We can't wait to show off what we've got in store, so we hope to see you live on our Twitch channel or in person at the event!
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Grinding Gear Games
D4 trash
D4/10 - also quin = 🤡
Renato opressor
No worries triple G. Take as much time as you want.
My body and PC is ready for 3.22!!!
Yaya Meow
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