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Help with Boneshatter Jugg Build

Hiya pplz... I need help with troubleshooting my Boneshatter build.... on single target, I'm able to stack my trauma to 100 or 110 before I back out. I noticed that I often commit suicide when I'm overwhelmed by mobs at crucible altar on maps. I've done quite a bit of research and tried to improve or troubleshoot it but am not able to do so....

Version 1.0 - Precise Technique

Version 2.0 - Divine Shield

I've made and tested both versions... and the outcome is still more or less the same. I prefer version 1 as it kills stuffs faster. Both versions can do elder and shaper no problem. I didnt try it on Maven.

Can someone kindly go through my POB and help me to either optimize the tree or what I can do to improve the "suicide" thingy... Thanks a lot in advance...
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I was about to post a "help with my Boneshatter build" thread by myself and stumpled upon yours. Since your have such a much more better build setup it make me almost quit playing :).

Regarding POB the calculation for sustainable trauma is really high. Either its not calculated correctly or there is something else wrong. But I watched a lot of other videos about that and often times its a thing the life regen is not enough and that you need recoup life instead. There are a cpl of nodes on the tree but I m not sure if that would help you getting over trauma XYZ.

Other times people are not using Boneshatter LvL over 8 oder 9 cause the dmg is scaling so high when you have 100 or more trauma, it will kill you. Maybe get another divergent with quality 20% and lvl 8 and try it again ? It will more time to ramp up but maybe you can sustain longer?

I wont use your thread for my newbie Boneshatter issue and I think its all gear related - but I dont see how I could get better gear without spending mirrors over mirrors....

Maybe using mageblood?

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