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The Fourth Vow is being slept on. HUGE survivability, the superior choice

So here is my current RF Jugg, using The Fourth Vow
12.5 million dps, 310kehp, 35k max phys hit taken,94k, 84k,79k max fire /cold/lightning max hit taken, 101k max chaos hit taken. 3800 life regen ( 3100 net)

I took the liberty of NOT checking frenzy charges, because Master Sapper is great and all but claiming 3 frenzy charges in PoB would be lame as they definitely aren't always up.
But anyways, for those of you not aware of the "tech", Fourth Vow + Divine Flesh. Armour applies to chaos damage taken from hits, and 50% of ele damage is taken as chaos. Jugg gets 8% of armour applies to elemental damage taken from hits. Combine this with 10% of phys damage taken as chaos on the tree. Yummy.
Due to the way damage reduction and conversion works, this effectively doubles the effectiveness of your armour.

I'm at 310k effective hit pool with Molten Shell up. 152k if it is not.
This set up is magnitudes better than the Brass Dome. Were I to swap to it, we're talking 60k EHP and that's with a perfect roll WITH Molten Shell up lol.
On top of the superior survivability, you're basically immune to chaos dot and hits.

Let's forget about the Brass dome and swap in a rare chest with 123 life, 1800 armour, 8% additional phys damage reduction, and crafted %6+6 % phys taken as fire/lightning:
62k EHP with Molten Shell up...32k if it is not. Max physical hit taken only slighly better, max ele hit way way way lower.

Thoughts? Why is The Fourth Vow being largely ignored it seems? Granted I havnt exactly been face deep in forums or whatnot.

Tons and tons of RF Juggs are running around with EHP in the lower 10's of thousands with molten shell not up, max hit taken in the teens lol. Brass dome is just plain bad compared to this. You could have max roll Brass Dome and 100,000 armour and it's inferior to my set up, at best equal's not being talked about.

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I don't think you can call it a sleeper. The tech is well known and sees quite a bit of use, would probably see more if not for the bow heavy meta and bow builds typically want other stuff than 4vow and df.

As for your comparison with Brass Dome, i don't think that's accurate since you likely just changed the armor and left everything the same. You need to make proper setups for both and compare those, if you do you'll find that they are roughly even. There is even a youtube video on that:

Still, that speaks volumes about how good 4th vow is being able to compete with one of the best defensive armors in the game.

Here are other comparisons with powerful setups. if you are interested.
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Good point, I knew my logic was flawed simply swapping it in.

I can see a good handful of RF Juggs using it on PoE Ninja. It just doesn't seem to be talked about at all, it's just...quietly being awesome it seems.
Well in this game in general there isn't much going on in terms of build discussions. Streamers/Youtubers do their thing. On POE builds the answer to most build related questions is "explody totems" and here on the forums everyone is just bitching that the game is broken.

Discussion about build related matters isn't really happening, at least i have yet to find a place where it does. I really miss the old d2 pvp days where we discussed builds and matchups on the forums all the time :/
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I literally use Fourth Vow and Divine flesh on all my builds this league except SRS. Even on bow builds I used this combo. Either you go this with some armour or u go phys to ele conversion with lightning coil or cloak.
Your weak point is still the same as most other builds - One big Physical Hit. 35k is close to where my current char is who is using a perfect brass dome. But with the Brass Dome I'll never get crit for 297% or whatever crazy number. My ele and chaos max hits are 104/93/93/41 and this guy is currently equipped for silly dps moreso than defense.
35k phys max hit is enough to facetank the slam from uber shaper which is by a large margin the biggest phys hit you'll ever tank in this game unless you pointlessly go and tank the Elder on death explosion.
I quit the league but thought I'd follow up, thanks for the replies. I just use the pantheon to be crit immune if you've been crit recently. I'm unlikely to get one shotted.
Yes phys damage is it's only weak point, but generally enough.

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