Help please, I feel stuck D:

Playing Boneshatter Jugg and this my first character. I feel like I was progressing well until level 92, and now I am dying ALOT... T14 & T15 maps feel fine but in T16 I often get one-shot. Any advice?

Link to the build on POE ninja.
Last bumped on May 29, 2023, 11:10:36 PM
I'd recommend dropping Iron Reflexes, a little bit of evasion goes a long way.

Stack more % Phys taken as, you can get more on your helmet and a Taste of Hate.

Get more regen, Hearty would be great. It helps deal with degens a lot.

Try to get Shock Immunity somewhere; its the silent killer most ppl don't notice, suddenly 30-40% more damage taken and you're dead somehow. If you get Stormshroud + Shock Avoid abyss jewel and Shock Avoid on boots (+ boot mod) you can be 100% elemental ailment immune, which is super nice.

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