[3.21] 120M DPS, Strength Stacking Infernal Blow Berserker

===== Table of Contents =====
1. Intro
2. Build Concepts and Mechanics (pros/cons)
3. Item Section (priority of mods, crafting process)
4. Skill Gems
5. Passive Tree
6. Adjust for your Budget
7. Play Style
8. Outro

==== Showcase ====

If you like to see more content (*link fixed)

==== POB ====
Same guide in the note tab.

==== 3.21 Changes ====
>removed "Adds 2 to 4 Fire Damage to Attacks per 10 Strength" as a sentinel boots mod, but we got some powerful crucible node. As a result, our DPS is higher than 3.18.
>some mastery changes

==== 1. Intro ====
Welcome to the mini guide of str stacking infernal blow berserker!
First of all, big shout out to Torgeon who introduce this amazing build.
I got interested in this character from 3.17 archnemesis league when I saw he try this skill on traditional str stacking style.
And then in 3.18 sentinel league GGG added "Adds 2 to 4 Fire Damage to Attacks per 10 Strength" as a sentinel mod.
This is a huge DPS boost for STR stackers and then I decided to try min-maximizing Infernal blow character that is my favourite crazy explosion skill.
And now 3.18 is over, but my challenge continues that revive Infernal blow again.
(BTW you can find original build from Torgeon, please check his profile and look for "JackongoMadge" URL: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Torgeon/characters)

==== 2. Build Concepts and Mechanics ====
Infernal blow and Herald of ash have awesome chaining explosion and can push itself to top tier clear.
For make your clear feels good it is highly important to stack AoE and inc elemental damage that will apply to the corpse explosion.
Especially I think target of AoE radius is from 22, you can reach it with Veiled(or crafted) mod on glove and helmet, Mace mastery,
Synth implicit, Corrupt implicit on weapon, Blood and Sand (sand stance), notable from tree......

>Large AoE, zooming play style, very fast mapping (300 delirium splinter is easy with HH )
>Satisfying visual effect (highly recommend despair herald effect)
>Blow all content (I've done all uber bosses with this build but it is so much painful and I wouldn't recommend it)
>working with affordable gear (no MB, no HH, no ash, no omni. However HH is highly recommended because it gives us a lot of defensive layer)

Cons/ Disclaimer
>no defensive mechanics against spells, can't face tank against all attack (ye but not glass cannon)
>can't try as a league starter
>push two button constantly for berserk up
>very strict with sockets capacity
>hard to cap resist
>Again it's TRULY MELEE

====3.Item section====

Mod priority
Prefix: AoE> life> flat cold and lightning damage*> other stuff
Suffix: str> elemental resistance=chaos resistance> crit multi> dex> other stuff
(*We need to gain some flat cold and lightning damage on jewellery or gloves,
because our cold and lightning damage are too low to cause alternate elemental ailments from secrets of suffering key stone.
And that's why Brittle and Sap effect is uncapped in "Calcs" tab)

>Weapon (?)
Mutate mod "Adds 1 to 3 Fire Damage to Attacks with this Weapon per 10 Strength" is not mandatory.
That's why I make medium budget version in item tab.
I bought ritual scepter with mutate mod and do some craft on crucible tree, after this chance&scouring.
Pay attention, inc AoE harvest enchant does nothing in most of the cases.

>Shield (5div+)
Crucible's "% increased strength" is not mandatory. I also make two options in item tab.
Possible upgrades: 17% increased strength

>Helmets (20div+)
I mentioned already we need blizzard crown to get some flat cold damage for brittle.
Buy enchant base=> slam warlord ex=> spam essence of rage untill hit "Gain Accuracy Rating equal to your Strength"
=> suffix cannot be changed=> harvest crit reforge=> orb of dominance=> suffix cannot be changed=> harvest crit reforge
=> suffix cannot be changed=> veiled chaos or aisling
Possible upgrades: increase warcry buff effect from warlord prefix

>Body (6div)
I use Iron fortress for more DPS.
However, you can use rare armour with increased strength and eldritch implicit (less damage taken per str, warcry buff effect) for defense, it depends on personal preference.

>Glove (2~3div)
Buy a finished product or buy fracture base and spam essence.

>Boots (2~3div)
Buy a finished product or buy fracture base and spam essence.

>Ring, Amulet (ring 20div+, amulet 5div+)
Buy a finished product or buy synthesized base=> spamming essence of rage
And please remember craft flat cold and lightning damage for your ailments.
Anoint amulet is so much flexible, change it for your purpose. For example......
Well balanced: Way of the warrior
More defense: Prismatic skin, Purity of flesh
Mana problem: Charisma
Instant DPS: Panopticon
BTW, I'm testing Pain Forger to generate power charges right now.

>Belt (3div)
Synthesized implicit for beginning and bossing, HH for just juiced maps. (100% Deli is possible without HH)
You know my all resistances is capped without belt, so you can swap any time you want.
Buy synthesized implicit (15% inc str above)=> spam essence of sorrow till hit T1 str. (Hysteria is good option if you have enough money)

===== 4. Skill Gems =====
>Anomalous Infernal blow is mandatory for chaining explosion.
>Flammability and Assassin's mark is optional. If you have problem on crit chance or chase higher single dps, Assassin's mark is for you.
Flammability is my taste because it is effective to tanky mobs in simulacrum and easy to manage.
>Divergent purifying flame gives us good regeneration of life and small dps.
>I also mention to another set up of main skill. Static strike and shockwave is nice option for hard bossing that force to move always like uber uber elder.
Please check "skills" section when you feel struggle for bossing.
>Set Battlemage's cry to your left click (of course you can use numlock technique to automate the warcry, but I feel left click setting is enough)
>Ancestral warchief is only for vaal skills from strict of totem placement numbers at once.
>Ruthless and Awakened Melee Splash can be swapped on your preference.

===== 5. Passive Tree =====
I prepared 2 options for our purpose.
"Medium budget" is for leveling and cheap option. (74~103m depends on item)
"High budget" is my setup. (125m)

===== 6. Adjust for your Budget =====
>Drop second large cluster (12 passives)
>Stop thinking about mutate mod
>Drop expensive alt gems except anomalous infernal blow and divergent purifying flame
>Non synth implicit jewellery which will also make resists easier

===== 7. Play style =====
>Set Battlemage's Cry to your left click and push Berserk constantly.
>For single target, put down Ancestral Protector and Vaal Ancestral Warchief, switch Sand stance to Blood stance.
>Save Blood Rage if you have worries to survive against hardest bosses.

===== 8. Outro =====
Thank you very much for reading until the end. And I must say thank you to Japanese community members who helped me writing this guide.
Feel free to ask any question. Of course, any comments and suggestion for build will be appreciated!
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