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3.21 Burning Exsanguinate Chieftain

Disclaimer: This is my first guide, I make a lot of mid tier builds from scratch because it's where I find the fun. After seeing the Exsanguinate Crucible node, I knew I had to make a fire DoT build with it and here it is. Feedback would absolutely be loved, help me push this further.

I don't know how well I'll be able to recreate this build outside of Crucible, or even in crucible as a lot of it is based around this Cane of Kulemak.

Build Accomplishments
Level 97 (I'm impatient and can't commit to leveling ever.) Easily clears T16 maps and Guardian maps. Bosses are fairly easy but isn't the fastest, killed all non-uber bosses, but I've yet to do any Uber bosses other than Uber Elder/Shaper.

Build Summary
A good clear build with high survivability. Able to clear all bosses but struggles a bit with some of them. Options to add a Reap set up however. The build takes advantage of the Crucible node converting Exsanguinate into fire damage, but also the DoT is converted into burning damage. Allowing us to burn AND ignite similar to firetrap.


The only requirement for this build to work in terms of gear is the Crucible passive for Exsanguinate. Although I have a big Cane of Kulemak. Any Fire DoT weapon will do. Or a cheaper alternative is El'Abin's Visage, the unique Crucible helm with a passive tree on it. Or, you can go for a one handed option and use a Dawnbreaker shield, adding even more defense.

However both Cloak of Flames and Temperd by War from the Lethal Pride Jewel helps greatly with defensives, converting damage taken into fire.

For the main skill, it's Exsanguinate, Combustion, Burning Damage, Crulety, Empower, and then chain/swift affliction. Swapping them out for pinnacle bosses. Though it's not needed for map bosses.

Good Fire damage and DoT cluster jewels help a good bit with damage as well.

As for weapons, any weapon with spell/fire damage, DoT multi, and + level to PHYSICAL skill gems. Remember Exsanguinate is a Physical skill too. This also means any extra physical dmg as an element does work with it too.

Other offensive gems and auras are: Cold Snap+Cast on Damage Taken for frenzy charges, skitter bots for shock(swappable), Malevolence, Herald of Ash. And a double curse set up with flammability and Elemental Weakness. Arcanist brand can cast them both, just make sure to anoint Whispers of Doom for the +1 to max curses. Going a ring or gloves with curse on hit also helps a ton. Making room for other Arcanist brand skills such as Flame Surge or Wave of Conviction.

Three things make up the bulk of this builds defensives. Converting damage taken as fire damage, stacking max fire resistance, and decent life/life regen.

We accomplish this by going life and max fire res nodes in the skill tree, Temperered by War and Cloak of Flames to convert damage taken as fire, and then the Chieftain ascendancy to beef up even more.

Enduring Cry adds a lot of regen and endurance charges. Any guard skill works however I'm using immortal call. Combined with extra endurance charge generation and the flesh and flame jewels giving me Valako, Storms Embrace it adds damage and survivability, however this is just extra and not needed.

Your helm, boots, and gloves will all be rares. Fix your resists with them, add life, and then any extras you want.

All Gems
Main Skill: Exsanguinate, Burning Damage, Cruelty, Empower, Chain/Swift Affliction and Combustion

Auras: Herald of Ash, Purity of Fire, Vitality+Arrogance Malevolence, Summon Skitterbots

Others: CWDT+Phasing+Cold Snap Enduring Cry Immortal Call Arcanist Brand+Elemental Weakness+Flame Surge

Any movement skill you feel comfortable with c:

Map Mods to Avoid
Elemental Reflect and No Regen maps. Both of these really kill the build. Hexproof and Elemental Ailment avoidance hurts a good bit too but you can still push through it.

My Current Gear

Final Thoughts
This is the furthest I've pushed one of my own builds from scratch so even if it's not the best I'm really proud of it. If there is anything in the build where you think or know is wrong or there is a better way please to tell!

I tried and elementalist version first but it was way too squishy. I want to fit in a 6 link reap set up to see if I can push bigger bosses but honestly this has just become such a fun farming build I just do that.
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