The second ExileCon Qualifier event begins in 30 minutes and you are now able to join the event. The winner of this event will join the winner of last week's qualifier, imexile, in the finale race at ExileCon!! If you aren't able to compete in today's event, there are still two more ExileCon Qualifiers after this one which we'll host every Thursday at 2PM PDT. For more information about Qualifier events and their prizepool, check out this announcement.

We'd also like to mention that while the event is fixed seed, when Einhar spawns by chance in an area, he can slightly affect parts of the layout of the zone but the rest of the area will be the same.

If you're keen to watch another close race packed with Path of Exile action, join our official livestream at now! The event will be shoutcasted by ZiggyD and RaizQT, so lots of fun is guaranteed.

If you missed the last one and want to watch imexile take first place by a close 25 seconds after recovering from a slight misstep, you can check out the VOD here!

Good luck everyone!

Congratulations to Tytykiller_Race (Tytykiller) for winning the second ExileCon Qualifier Event and securing their spot in the finale at ExileCon! With a time of 1h 8m 19s, this is the fastest completion in the qualifier events so far! Thanks to everyone who watched and participated!
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Good luck to everyone!
This is Tyty's race for sure.
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gl all <3
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Tyty beast
I'll pass.
Man I do hope there are still people out there who are literally trying to enjoy this kind of things and are still genuinely rooting for poe.
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