Microtransactions from the Sanctum Mystery Box are now available in the store! We've individually priced each set of items based on its type and rarity.

The Sanctum Stash Bundle is also being released today! This microtransaction applies a skin to your Stash and Guild Stash in your hideout to make them look like the Sanctum Box! Check it out in the video below.

Check out all the other Sanctum microtransactions by watching the video below. You can also view the full range in the store by clicking here.

Thanks for your support!
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This was the best of the newer style Mystery Boxes.
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No duplicates is a little misleading: No duplicates, but you can and do get multiple variants (recolors) of the same base cosmetic item.
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Love the cat wand
Please please GGG, release the sanctum skull trap fire beam as a scorching ray MTX!!
mtx on mtx, but not a single post on the state of league at any point

gotta love it
Where is the 5th Vilemorph Pet variation? It is in the video, but i cant see it in the shop?
Change the character apperance designer.

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