Is POE crafting Rigged ? Like nerfing the chance of getting popular unveil

Its funny to call something rigged when it is intentionally vague, not transparent, unclear outcomes.

How could it be rigged. They could make it 1 in 100 trillion if they want, not tell anyone, thats just the game its not rigging anything.

No transparency, no accountability.
Of course it's rigged. POE has been using anti-player practices since basically OB where good mod rolls have extremely low weights, and thus probability of being rolled in most crafting mechanics. That's what keeps us coming back to gamble. If it was pro-player, you could reach endgame much faster. Not ideal amount of respect for our time, but still damn fun.
not sure why even call crafting to something that is a lotery.

crafting means gather "x" materials and in exchange get "y" item, What we have here is trhow currency into a black hole and pray the desire item comes out before you run our of currency.
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