3.21 – Sunder Marohi Erqi Berserker

1. Introduction

Hello I would like to share my Sunder Berserker with you and I look forward to feedback on this build. Basically we play a classic slam build with the skill Sunder where we only deal physical damage. It is a non-crit build which we play with the weapon Marohi Erqi. The build is supported with the Tanu Ahi and Bloodrage to regularly generate Adrenaline and Onslaught.

Best DPS 10,3 million DPS (includes active warcries)
Average DPS 4,4 Million DPS (includes not always active warcries and double damage)


As mentioned earlier, we're playing a non-crit build supported by Resolute Technique, War Bringer, and Aspect of Carnage. Rage only plays a subordinate role, but serves to build up attack speed. In addition to the three keynotes mentioned, there are also the notes Admonisher, The Impaler and Measured Fury for the Impale effect and for the quick use of Warcrys. These bring us a cleanup of Damaging Ailments through the Mastery.

3. Equipment


Body Armor







4.Skill-Set up

Main Skill: Sunder – Awakened Melee Physical Damage – Awakened Brutality – Anomalous Fist of War – Divergent Pulverise – Faster Attacks

Aura Skills 1: Enlighten – Pride – Herald of Purity – Determination

Aura Skills 2: Blood and Sand – Dread Banner

Movement: Leap Slam

Warcries: Intimidating Cry (for Double Damage) – Endurance Cry (For Life Req)

Buff 1: Blood Rage – Increased Duration (For getting Frenzy Charges, more Life Leech and getting Buff von Tanu Ahi Gloves)

Buff 2: Porchers Mark – Mark on Hit (passive cast on rare and unique enemies)

Buff 3: Vaal Molten Shell for Damage reduction

5. Pros

- Easy and smooth clear
- most enemies are one shot
- no worries about Crit-Chance and Hit Chance
- can do Elder, shaper, sirius, guardians and more
- Mechanics like delve and heist are good
- defence is good
- Few unique items are required (Weapon, Amulet, Gloves), Jewels are quality of life

6. Cons

- Not a one click build
- You have to like the gameplay
- No Fastmapper like Tornado Shot
- Some enemies can be pain in the ass (Life Req, Haste Aura and Soul Eater)
- need good flasks

7. Path of Building


8. Video
Coming Soon

9. Conclusion

Anyone who is not averse to a fun slamer will get their money's worth here. The budget, including all items used, is around 15-20 Divine Orbs. You can craft a lot of Items by yourselfe, which reduce the Budget a lot. The forbidden flesh are by far the most expensive items and you can do without them for the beginning. Overall, it's important to find a good mix of attack speed, as both the support gems and the weapon itself reduce a lot of attack speed.

Last bumped on May 24, 2023, 6:47:09 AM
Looks cool AF!

Any recomendations för bandits and pantheons? :)


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