Crucible League Mechanic is a Miss

Was excited to try the league and overall enjoyed leveling more than usual, but bricking an item from unlucky crucible mods, having to inconveniently get items in the first place to even make the mechanic worth using, and having the difficulty skyrocket x20 the map just doesn't make sense. I feel punished for trying to interact with the mechanic at all, it's really so bad that rolling standard would have probably been a better experience. Hopefully this mechanic gets reworked.
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agree not only do i have to worry if a weapon has the random stats i need but now i need that a random passive set up is right on the weapon as well

too much RNG bull**** in this game already.
100% agree.

Act 1, area 2; Triggered the Crucible mechanic, promptly died in 1.2 seconds.
Act 1, area 3; Triggered the Crucible mechanic, promptly died in 1.0 seconds.
Act 1, area 4; Triggered the Crucible mechanic, promptly died in 0.8 seconds.

Did not engage the mechanic again until Act 5, when I could promptly kill golds and bosses in 2 seconds.

Results didn't change. Immediately after triggering the Crucible mechanic, I would die before getting two flame-dashes off. Had to work my way back and super-cheese the mobs from off-screen with Crackling Lance. All for a increase to accuracy... on my wand... when I'm spell-casting...

Seriously... I don't know why the devs keep doing this. Beefing up the mobs so much that it's not 'Challenging'; it's 'stupid'. If you've got a character that can kill an ACT BOSS in 2 seconds, but it takes 5 minutes to cheese league mechanic for ABSOLUTELY NO POSITIVE GAINS... you've done something wrong.


But they'll never learn that lesson.
100% agree.


Yeah I think you summarized the issues with most leagues and especially this one.
If you give something with extreme difficulty, give it extreme rewards on a regular basis. Not some convoluted chance at a reward if you happen to get lucky finding some specific weapon drop or annoyingly trade for it every time. Or it forces you to craft everything after rolling this annoying slot machine which also makes no sense.
I really don't understand how this passed play testing in the current state. It's not fun to use.
TBH I don't understand why people keep coming back to the game anymore outside of standard. GGG continues to make the same exactly mistakes over and over again, but they're not mistakes in their mind. They're just trying to push a design agenda that people continue to dislike.

PoE2 isn't going to change this. It'll freshen up the game a bit but every single problem will persist from the design philosophies. All those awful dated ways of thinking the game should be are still there and they continue to shine through time and time again. I quit before archnem because it became incredibly obvious in patch notes how bafflingly out of touch some important people in the team are. They want a super hardcore core audience and they can have it.

Everybody else should just jump ship to Last Epoch and D4 tbh. At least you can have some fun and not be required to read 10 page docs and have 12 spreadsheets plus 1k hours to play every league at a decent level. It's maddeningly convoluted, unintuitive and just frustrating. PoE ovedesigned itself to death.
I agree.
This whole 3.21 crap feels bad.
I miss 3.13 times..
I think the devs should increase the rate of getting good item trees in Crucible.
These passive trees should be really long and powerful, so much that they overshadow the item's power itself. This will incentivize people to constantly forge items with better passives, or else they won't be bothered to even touch the forge because of how hard it is to get a good item and how easy it is to ruin it with a shitty tree. I mean, why engage in a mechanic that gets your items bricked 9 out of 10 times?
People are unhappy with the new league mechanic, but I think it can be great if GGG knows how to make it more rewarding pre-endgame.
Need to get Tier 5 Crucible armor set before league's end. No time to grind OSRS smh.

But they'll never learn that lesson.
Unfortunately GGG got high on balancing the game around giving items market value, they only either want people to:

1. generate their earnings through trade
2. play Ruthless and play without loot

It used to be that league mechanics followed a proper risk:reward ratio, but that was abandoned because it meant people could farm and actually play the game instead of relying on being in the hideout.

I miss 3.13 times..
Same, but a lot of people are giving current PoE a pass because of the atlas passive. I'm going to be forced to get over it and move on I suppose.
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I'm level 58, These are my endgame items.

This is the only skill tree which interacts with Spectres and its a buff for zombies/golems/skeletons not for Spectre's which are permanent minions and can not be effectively played like zombies/golems just haphazardly raising random things.

So please don't make their ONLY node in the entire crucible expansion... one that wasn't made for them in any way.

Got no reason to continue other than helping friends who have not yet become bored.


Innocence forgives you
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