🌟[3.21 Crucible SSC] Huy Services: Paid/Split Bosses + Bench Crafts + Anything🌟

🌟[3.21 Crucible SC] Huy Services: Free Master/Bench Crafting/Craft (ALL). Priced Uber Bosses (Exarchs, Maven, Shaper, Uber Elder/Atziri, Aul, etc). Any Maps. Hall of Grandmasters. 4+5 Legion Emblems Carries. Consultation. Anything, Just Ask~🌟

πŸ’¬ New Updates πŸ’¬

This league is so fun so I'm starting services again. :)

🌎 I usually hang out (and screen share) on Discord when I am available for services (link) if you want to get in the queue. Feel Free to add me πŸ’– (my friend list is full but it can still work one way and you'll be able to see if I'm online). You can also reach me via Discord PM: Huy#1946. If I stream again one day it will be at twitch.tv/iHuy and 🌎

Hello! πŸ‘‹

This is Huy (@iHuy). Some of you may know me from my small stream or guide that I've written πŸ™‚. I wasn't originally planning to make a service thread, but after lots of requests for crafts and successful carries for friends and others, I'm prompted to finally make one. Now, I'd like to continue it forward for future leagues as long as I am playing!

Boss/Carry Services
Any Bosses (Exarchs, Sirus, Conquerors, Shaper, Maven, Uber Elder/Atziri, Aul, etc)/Breachstones/Labs/Maps: 99c (your loot) or 1/2 loot split (for keys >100c only, paid in currency equivalence of drops after liquidation).

* If possible, please have the realm be California or Texas. πŸ™
* Please stay in your hideout until notified.

Crafting: Free (https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php)

Tips appreciated. My favorite thing is a vouch! 😍

🧐 Huyrici 🧐

If you are desperate and want to use Vorici 6S or 6L (please be aware that the odds are usually 1000-1200 for 20% quality). I will do it for 325 Jewellers or 1400 Fusings. If I don't get it after that, I will use my own (no matter how many it takes) to guarantee it becomes what you want 😭.

Huy's RNG Service (ex slams, annuls, etc only responsible if it's good ;P): Vouch = Free! πŸ’

🀫 Huy's Super Secret Special Awesome Services 🀫

Item Pricing: Vouch = Free! πŸ’

Character/Profile Check: Vouch = Free! πŸ’

Consultation Service: Vouch = Free! πŸ’

Bulk Buy Special: I can buy ANY currencies, essences, fossils, prophecies, fragments, divination cards, and Timeless Jewels (regardless of type/number/corruption) in bulk as long as it's a good deal. You save time + convenience and I save $. Win/Win πŸ€‘

4 Way + 5 Way Legion/Emblem Services
Legion Emblems Service Notes (Please Read)

[WIP: Old Info] I'm currently doing 4 (99c) and 5 (129c) Legion Emblems carry service for those interested (see below on how to vouch and get a big discount. Your Emblems, your loot. With my current gear and setup, max loot rows (visual cap) are consistently hit early + extras (not seen) are earned! Please read the notes below to help maximize your loot/exp~ πŸ‘‡

Here's what my 5 Legion Set normally looks like at the end (sorry about the ghetto quality πŸ˜…):

πŸ’₯ README: Some Notes About Legion Carries πŸ’₯

* Please change your realm to California or Texas. πŸ™ If this doesn't work for you, then I can still try my best anywhere, but I can't guarantee much because of the desync/crashes >_<

* How much loot + exp you will get is mostly determined by how fast you can reset. Try to stay alive with defensive gear + flasks!

* Maximize resets by going in the bubble in the middle and waiting for the crystal to pop/burst, then move out and look for the bubble to reform then step back in and wait.

* Please remove rampage and/or flashy MTX to reduce lag + crashes.

* I'll be popping Vaal Breach for even more juice! It will be on the right side of the map, so you can stay left to avoid most of it. If you don't think you can survive the damage (and/or lag), please let me know to not use it~

* You can try to use any Tempest Prophecy to (probably) boost your loot. The Undead Storm is my favorite because it provides more monsters for faster/smoother ramping.

* Please leave a vouch if you enjoyed the service! If you leave a vouch here, message me in game and you'll receive 30% off your next service (repeatable)! πŸ˜‹

🎁 Please leave a vouch and tell your friends if you are satisfied/happy with any of my services! Repeated services and vouches are more than welcomed~ If you leave a vouch here, message me in game and I'll give you 30% off the next service (repeatable)! 🎁

πŸ”€ How to Link Items on the Thread for Vouches πŸ”€

When you have your post open, if you look to the top left of your screen you will see your character. Clicking on it will cause a window will pop up, allowing you to choose different characters. Find the character you want (in case the item is in that character's inventory). Once it is selected you will see that characters inventory and an option to look through your stash. Your stash will look exactly like it does in game when you open it, tabs and all, including the names if you have premium stash tabs. Once you find the item(s) you want to link just click it ONCE. It will automatically link it in the post, then just close the window! You should see some code in your post, that's the item you just linked.

πŸ’– Vouches Hall of Fame πŸ’–

Havoc6 wrote:
Huy is Trustworthy & Badass. Vouch.

Popskyy wrote:
VERY GOOD Just reset as fast as you can and he will do everything else. Tipped an Ex because the service is TOO good Definitely can vouch for him.

Avalaiden wrote:
GoodGuyHuy finished my wand.

Very nice convo and I am sure he's pretty handsome!

IAmCeef wrote:
After scouring Oriath for weeks on end in search of powerful mods for my belt, i stumbled across the mighty exile Huy.

Taking me by the hand he led me into his secluded little hole he called a hideout. Forcefully grabbing my belt, he thrust it deep into his crafting device. With a crackle and whirl electricity flew in every direction, I was scared but the soft soothing voice of Huy calmed and soothed my soul through the process.

After a short period of time Huy embraces me, sweat pouring down his face and his manhood hanging proud. My belt had now gained Armour and Energy shield. Truely masterful crafter with an endowment to be envied by the gods.

lionexx wrote:
You ever had that one significant other that you just couldn't get off your mind and just couldn't stop messing around with because they were just that good? That's Huy, his 5way and other carry services. Not only do you get to be partied with the spiciest carry with that silky smooth voice, but you also get those dank loot drops with the warming knowledge of knowing Huy is the most trustworthy person you could ever have met. Did I mention that by using Huy you also gain an extra 2.5 inches? Amazing right? Highly recommended, Huy is love, Huy is life <3 bb, I will always come back for your special services ;).

PUNSHET2 wrote:
one of the best/friendliest/courteous and of course efficient services I've ever had.

requested a 5 way emblem carry.
got disconnected during the beginning of the run.
proceeded to try and get back into the game but my potato pc is horrid.....
had to make him wait for me delaying everything..... and in return I get
him and his team's condolences in addition to
-a sub in the twitch chat,
-a another emblem run from him, in his hideout just in case I DC
-a support to respawn during the run cuz my re spawning is straight booty cheeks
-a as much time as i need to loot from the
-and a headunter (lol jk) but the service feels like I got a HH hahahaha

definitely a fan of the all inclusive service lol
many thanks to Huy and his team will definitely indulge again
and would gladly recommend to anyone.

IAmCeef wrote:
My breath was short, I was wounded laying at the foot of the steps to Sarn. A figure in the distance was closing in, what was that? An invasion boss? Couldn't be... not out here, I'm not out of the campaign yet... Leaping in gallantly was a monster of a man, intimidating to the eye but something about his face... was kind.

He reaches towards me and and thrusts me over his shoulder. Without a word he carries me into town grabbing an water filled pail which was sat by a wall. Gently he sits me down and undresses me with the care of a mother to her new born.

This is where I passed. Awakening several hours later Huy was nowhere to be seen, all that remained was a fresh bowl of phó.

lionexx wrote:
It was a nice, quiet, somewhat warm summer evening when I had just finished alteration spamming and annulling my rings, finally left with the single mod I wanted I now needed some specialty crafts added to my rings that I did not have, frantically searching around, I remembered Huy has all of the crafts and he has been the most trustable person I've ever met on PoE.

I message Huy, "Hey I need a couple of quick crafts when you are free" he responds right away, "I got you, baby, come to my place at 9 pm" I am so ecstatic, and so very relieved that Huy will by handling my expensive jewelry that night. 9 PM rolls around I head to Huy's place, perfect mood lighting, candles lit, and a smell I can't describe except to compare it to pure bliss. I gave control of my jewelry to Huy, told him what I wanted, he took my jewelry ever so tenderly and confirmed: "This is how you would like it?" I respond yes, that's right! Huy excitedly said to me, "Oh! Great roll!" His excitement brought so much joy to me and gave me that sense of security, unlike anyone, has ever made me feel! He relinquished my now ever more expensive jewelry back to me, perfection he had just created. I think to my self, "What a true genuine artist" Huy, in that ever so silky smooth voice of his asks me, "Do you need anything else done?" I respond "Thank you, yes actually I do a 5 emblem carry if you are not too busy" He responds "No problem, I am never too busy for you baby"

Huy begins to lead me to another room, the likes I've only seen in my dreams, thinking about it, I think we went into some kind of portal as we were in a literally different dimension or timeline of some great war of the past; A true 5 army battle. He asks me to stand near the middle and what he calls "resetting". Boy, was I in for a big surprise as I have never been in such ecstasy in my entire life. Ever time my body felt that what I can describe as an outward nova pulsed, my pleasure kept increasing, watching the lines fill up, feeling more pulses throughout my body, I wanted more and more and more, I kept resetting, not for any reason but for my pleasure, just the way Huy wanted. As the last pulse hit my body, the euphoria I had was out of this universe, I knew by choosing Huy I did the right thing. We left that dimension and went back to Huy's place, me, completely finished, Huy glad I was happy, I thanked him, told him I would be back and left.

Huy changed my whole world, in ways unlike anyone has ever done before, he might be true divinity.

I still think about that night as the pleasures still resonate throughout my body.

spazzymints wrote:
I find myself needing to kill Uber Atziri to complete my challenges.
The task seemed almost insurmountable. Unless ... there's a chance ...
I knew there was only one exile I can count on.
I watch from the safety of my hideout as one portal disappears after another.
A feeling of doubt grows in me and reaches a climax as the last one disappear.
Bloodied and beaten the exile emerges and simply says "We're not done."
He hands me his own set of fragments to the dreaded realm.
This time, what seemed like only a few moments.
I hear the familiar voice call out, "It's now safe to enter."
As I enter I see Atziri's dead corpse lying there. Her mask fallen beside her.

10/10 Would never doubt again.

spazzymints wrote:
It's about midnight.
I wait patiently for my favourite carry to go live on twitch.
I pop in my set, not thinking much, it's almost routine now.
The explosion of loot fills my screen, I scour the floor but no Exalted Orbs.
But wait, an
drops instead. I'll take it.

AndrewVu169 wrote:
The memelord strikes again, bought every fucking, fossil, essence, divcard, i had all so he could divine my HH for a decent roll... What a legend. He is an addict to bulk purchases, someone get him some help... some milk... SOMETHING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!

βŒ› Previous Updates βŒ›

7.22.2019 Update: Thanks for amazing vouches after each service! πŸ’–πŸŽ

7.16.2019 Update: Thank you for the vouches! 15+ Pages going strong. I unlocked the final boots recipes today (max rank movespeed + cannot be chilled and cannot be frozen!) At this point we are very very close to almost every mod :D.

Also thanks to Empyrean for the shoutout/vouch on stream (tons of people msgd for services!).

Unfortunately due to lack of time and high demand/long queu. I'm bumping the tier 2 services from 29c -> 39c. The 30% vouch discount offer is still on the table, making the discounted fee to 27c. Thanks for understanding >_<

Ah, as a last note, we're also on the radar on Wraeclast Club! https://wraeclast.club/6381/

7.13.2019 Update: I tested Hall of the Grandmasters today! It was deathless and I was able to get my friend through it (though I got very lucky and didn't see any crazy offscreen 1 shot exiles (ie Danzig). Uber Lab Service is also now available, all with the same price as any boss/carry (39c)!

I also finished Elreon Veiled (costed ~500c total) to get rank 1 -mana cost

7.12.2019 Update: Thank you for the great vouches and using my services! It's super fun hanging w/ you guys on stream too :)

I spent over 1000c today on Veiled Flasks to finally unlock crit chance on flask (also got the regen and damage taken leech)~ Also got the +2 Support Gems!

Unfortunately, due to the high demand and changing economies, I will have to change my 5 legion emblem fee to 69c (a more fun # ;P). However, as an extra incentive to vouch, I will give a 30% discount for the next service of equivalent value if you vouched. Multiple vouches and even pre-vouches (as seen on stream) are more than welcomed!

7.10.2019 Update: Thank you so much for all the kind words so far! <3 I was a bit busy last week with my midterm so couldn't play much >< Was pleasantly surprised people still asked for service while I wasn't streaming!

Now that it's done, I can relax and play (a little bit). I've taken the liberty to update the thread with some more details. More crafting recipes are unlocked (namely Leo Damage Mods, 2/3 Elreon, Damage on Flask Effect). More to come soon~ It's been a blast so far. Thanks again!

7.3.2019 Update: Thank you to those who were part of the Lv100 push and took advantage of the free services! I've now updated to have a reasonable fee. Much Love <3

7.2.2019 Update: Since I just hit Lv100, I will do some more free carries tonight (10pm PST again) as celebration + thanks to those who used the services (and vouched + tipped <3). After that, I will need to restructure the thread, so take advantage of it while it lasts! ;P

Service Thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2575156

New Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2617717

Catch me on https://www.twitch.tv/ihuy
Last bumped on Apr 10, 2023, 9:17:53 AM
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+1 Maven. Very Smooth

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