poe currently is the king

after having played the d4 beta, it sadens me to say that poe does not have a rival.
i say that because for something to get better it needs good competition and from what i experienced in the open beta, diablo 4 wont stand a chance to get the crown longterm.

d4, despite being a beta test, it is close to launch with roughly 2 months from now, and has a shitton of bugs in the first act alone already, now bugs are nothing new for longterm poe players, but the size of both companys / teams are immense, its like comparing blizz to being a pro athlete competing in olypics while ggg is a amateur athlete who gets drunk right after a game (just to visualise this) yet ggg manages to bugfix relativly quickly, also blizz had over 20 years prior experience before releasing d4 to the public while poe only released 2013? anyway i am drifting off...

the world in d4 is openworld, wich means inevetably other players will ruin your experience, accidantialy or intentionally, difficulty in general is way to easy(its a matter of taste on that one to be honest) d4 also very early throws way to much gear at you, wich is not a good sign considering it is a beta , gets worse the further you go, as is the nature in such a genre of game, stats in d4 get out of hand very early to keep track of wich means you pick which item has the highest ilvl instead of looking for stats, vissual d4 is impressive and boring at the same time, while the gameplay that early, again only beta but i doubt it will change much, is pretty repetetive and boring, choices are an illusion as you can generaly respec anytime you want while leveling, and after a certain level you have every skill unlocked which made the whole choice just useless

but this is just a brief summery of my experience, again, poe is king in this genre

this does not mean that we need changes in the game, and i dont want to talk about balance right now, but quallity of life, wich is the only good thing in my opinion that d4 did great, alot of quallity of life, no need to click hundreds of things because they get auto picked up

please ggg, please chris, breach or legion, just fix it, you know what i mean by that, non of us wants to but we have to if we want the content behind it

also thanks to ggg for having created such an awesome game, dont want to die it out because it got to tedious
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