Keep microtransactions when changing platform?

I used to play PoE back in 2019 on ps4 and bought the empyrean pack that was available back then. Since I am going to change platform to pc soon I'd like to know if Im able to keep the empyrean with other microtransactions I've bouch on ps4 and bring them over to pc? Since PiE2 will be released in the close future I'd really wanna know if this is possible?
On my account right now I cannot see that I have my titles that I put on in 2019 but the issue with that is maybe that I choose to log on with mail and not ps account (Im logging in through another automatically)
If I log into my ps account I can also confirm with pictures that I own the empyrean set with alot of extras besides.
Last bumped on Mar 22, 2023, 2:14:50 PM
I'm afraid that it isn't possible for us to merge accounts, or to transfer purchases or microtransactions between a console version and the PC version of Path of Exile, as they are entirely separate. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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