Do you get better from season to season?

Yes, by a lot, especially my personal PoB skill tree has leveled up a lot over the leagues. I'm now much better at saying how what build scales into the lategame, so I don't 'miss' with build anymore, or at least haven't in a while.
I absolutely do, every league I expand what I know by trying out new builds, figuring how new mechanics work, either in a micro or macro scale. Like in Kalandra I really dove deep to figure out how DoTs work, doing various cold dot builds. In Sentinel I had a lot of fun learning some of the damage conversion stuff doing wierd elemental hit stuff, before getting sidetracked in potion throwing.

Even this mini-krangled event, the nature of the event forced me to realize just how few of the weapon mastery nodes reference their weapon type. The Axe mastery only has one ability that requires axes, and it also allows swords. Now if it's worth dead skills getting access to a mastery is a whole other thing, but the possiblities open up more with the realization.

I have a friend who started a few leagues back who'd struggle to survive into part 2, and now gets into yellows without help pretty smoothly.

I become older so .... no probably.
Define getting better?
like many leagues ago i made it to much harder content than i do now.
but i also play a whole lot less and spend more time being afk.
also i don't care as much as i used to do i just want fun and if a character only lasts me a week of fun i level a new character or play a different game really.

but yeah u should be getting better over time as with everything really. so probably yes to your title.
Upside down andy.
zlefin_actual wrote:
My impression is that I'm making it farther on average the longer I've played for, though it's hard to say whether I'm actually getting better, or if parts of the game are getting easier, or if I'm just getting lucky at happening to pick better builds, or if I'm just playing for longer without getting bored thus getting farther.

Recently I finally managed to get all atlas maps done, though in part that's because this season ran long; and there's still quite a lot of bosses I haven't beat.

So I'm wondering how it is for others of you out there, do you see yourself improving? obviously this isn't for those who already max out everything in the first few weeks.

poe is easy.
bosses down in a day or two in a new league.
Farm mirrors with friends in less than a week.
Then build and Crush everything then with your boom bom build one shot screens.

Is that what you asked for?

Game is to easy and stale and looks so dated.
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