The Friendly Fire Group SSF Event Is Live!

Who wanna play with me add me on discrod pls sambadypoe#5796
R U testing around open pvp wise?

It's enjoyable to see people trying to figure out strategies and finding out that einhar is not nice to every exile :)

I hope to see more people trying this event out
Nice :D
Those trophies look sweet!
So only 10 people can get any prizes? No random prize pool or anything. Can't just get in a normal party and go... It's like you're not even trying.
I thought, maybe watching it would be fun at least, but there's no one streaming it.
The party is over guys. Now pack your belongins.
nope not for me
OK lets take a look at the ladder :

4 private league for something like less than 20 players in the world are doing this ultra-ultra-ultra niche event.

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