We recently concluded our eleventh season of Build of the Week with a chaotic build from SideFX. Each build this season has displayed a drastically different character, from the end-game annihilation of Jungroan's Creeping Frost build to the mind bending mechanical monstrosity of Ifnjeff's Hydrosphere build. Build of the Week is all about showcasing the community's creative characters, and Season 11 has certainly not disappointed! If you missed an episode or want to see them again, check out all the episodes from Season 11 below!

Episode 1: Palsteron's Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer

Episode 2: CheapBunny's Artillery Ballista Deadeye

Episode 3: Conner Converse's Manabond Hierophant

Episode 4: Ifnjeff's Spell Echo Hydrosphere

Episode 5: Jungroan's Nimis Creeping Frost

Episode 6: SideFX's Impending Doom Occultist

Looking for more? Check out the archive of builds on our playlist on Youtube here!

Thanks for watching, see you next time!
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Grinding Gear Games
Loved the series! Super cool. :}
At least 1/6 of them was melee! Underpowered and in no way true-end-game viable, however still melee.
I wipe and and I wipe and I wipe, and still poop? It's like I'm wiping a marker.
Cool! I would definitely love to see this series return each league :D
I ofc understand if it isn't possible due to development :)
Kind of a slap in the face to people that made SideFX's build way before he did, and better as well.

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