3.20.2b Patch Notes Preview

Fixed a bug where Support Gems granted by Forbidden Shako that have a secondary skill effect, such as Impending Doom's Doom Blast, could be supported by another Support Gem granted by Forbidden Shako, such as Increased Area of Effect.

Really don't understand the change as it makes no sense, so here is an addition to the above with as to why.

"We potentially did not consider the fact that Hungry Loop provides similar if not identical functionality and this change may eventually harm the unique item in question as well if it has not already done so by said change, please consider as much if attempting to use said unique in the future when feeding it support gems."

I truly hope this gets thought about and how that's just really an intentionally bad design that makes no sense......

How about coming up with a proper naming scheme for radius rather than just having 100 definitions of "nearby" instead?
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
Added 400 more foiled Unique Item options that the Voidborn Reliquary can yield.


DEDICATED slots for foils in the unique collection tab when ?

We need Normal uniques + Foil uniques slots


Normal uniques OR foil uniques.

each of them needs slots , even if foils uniques have invisible slots until u put the foil in there.

it should have it.
Please update the definitive deviation challenge. Make it 10 or 12. Lots of people stuck on 39 challenge because of it
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Thank you for fixing map stash tabs
Hi ppl. I found the plot of the new league

In this new league, players find themselves transported to a mysterious and dangerous new world, overrun by deadly creatures and unknown terrors. As they explore this new land, they discover that it is controlled by powerful factions, each vying for dominance over the others.

To survive and thrive in this new world, players must choose which faction to align themselves with, and work to increase their reputation within that faction by completing quests, defeating enemies, and acquiring valuable resources.

As players progress through the league, they will encounter increasingly powerful enemies and challenges, culminating in a final showdown between the factions for control of the world. The fate of the league will be decided by the actions of the players, as they fight for their chosen faction and the future of the land they now call home.
The audio cue for losing Frenzy, Endurance or Power Charges no longer plays when you have Ralakesh's Impatience equipped. This change does not apply to microtransaction alternate charge effects.

and second leag 3.23
new league:

The league is called "Echoes of the Past," and the theme centers around time travel. Players find themselves transported back to the early days of Wraeclast, where they must navigate a world that is vastly different from what they are used to. The league introduces new mechanics, such as a time portal system that allows players to travel between different eras of Wraeclast's history.

Players must work together to uncover the mysteries of the past and prevent a catastrophic event from occurring in the present. The league features new areas, enemies, and bosses that represent different periods of Wraeclast's history. The league also includes new time-themed skills and items that can only be obtained by completing challenging quests and defeating powerful bosses.

As players progress through the league, they encounter characters from Wraeclast's past, some of whom have been long forgotten. These characters offer quests and rewards for completing specific tasks that help shape the future of Wraeclast. Players can also visit an ancient library that contains information about Wraeclast's history, which can be used to unlock new areas and secrets.

The league culminates in a final battle against a powerful entity that threatens to destroy Wraeclast's past, present, and future. Players must use all their skills and knowledge of Wraeclast's history to defeat this enemy and ensure that the timeline remains intact.

Overall, "Echoes of the Past" brings a new dimension to Path of Exile and challenges players to think differently about the game's mechanics and lore.
good job!

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